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25 May, 2005@12:00 am

In this game of flash in the pan one hit wonders there are rarely artists or producers that have staying power like Da Beatminerz.  They have brought us classic albums like “Enta Da Stage” over a decade ago and are still going strong.  They are still doing radio, still producing and still being looked at as legends by today’s up and comers.  They have found a way to stay in the public eye and we got a chance to chop it up with them and talk about the new album, hip-hop, and the future.

What up Walt and Evil Dee how are you doing today?

Mr. Walt:  We are good, how are you?

Good, can’t complain. So what have you been up to lately, what projects have you been working on?

Mr. Walt:  We have an album out; it came out last Tuesday “Fully Loaded with Static” on Studio Distribution.  We have been trying to stay real busy; we got a radio show popping off,, Beatminerz radio.  We are actually getting ready to do a new Black Moon album.

So we are going to see another Beatminerz produced Black Moon album?

Mr. Walt:  Hopefully if things go right, yeah.

Evil D:  Yeah

Mr. Walt:  If things go right, we will be producing the entire thing.

Any particular emcee you have been working closely with?

Mr. Walt:  Last Emperor, Wordsworth…a lot of them (laughing).  Shorty No Mas of course, you know there are a lot of them.  We have been doing some thing with Jean Grae.

Speaking of Shorty No Mas, I’m a fan of hers will you be working with her more in the future.

Mr. Walt:  We have been working with her; we have actually been working with her since she was with De La.

Evil D:  We have always been with her.

Mr. Walt:  All the artists on this album our artists we have relationships with.   We don’t really have to go find cats; we have so a lot of relationships and those are the people that end on the projects.

Do you feel that the new jacks don’t pay homage to the old school like they should?

Evil D:  You know one thing I will say is that it is like a double edged sword.  The new cats should definitely pay homage to the old school, yet the old school has to make sure that people know who they are.  They have to put it out there about who they are and what they do.  You just can’t assume that everybody knows who they are and what they accomplished.  A lot of old school cats are disgruntled, so yes you should know your history but at the same time the cats that made the history should be out there educating the new cats about the history.  Up here in New York a lot of old cats are angry and bitter, it’s not my fault they are angry and bitter, you know?  They should have been out there doing what they do.  Like Red Alert has been doing it for mad long and he’s still here.  He’s still doing it and he’s still relevant, if you go on the internet and look up Red Alert, you know what he’s doing, you know what he’s accomplished, and you know what groups he’s brought out.

Do you feel that old school artists such as yourself, Pete Rock, DJ Jazzy Jeff and numerous others still have a place in the minds of the youth?

Mr. Walt:  We just make music, to make music.  If it reaches a bigger genre than our fans, then that’s cool, you know.  Listen, there is something out there for everybody, we don’t downplay anybodies stuff, whoever is hot then they are hot for the moment, but everybody get their chance to shine.

Evil D:  Exactly, I listen to all types of music and all types of artists.  When Black Moon was up in the forefront, the south was still there.  There is always a place for everything, there is always going to be that need, always going to be that want.  There’s always a place.

So no matter what, Da Beatminerz are going to do Da Beatminerz.  They aren’t making music for anybody else, if it reaches other people fine, but you guys are still going to do you.

Evil D:  Exactly

Mr. Walt:  You can’t make everybody happy, that’s a problem that we have when we get on these message boards.  Everybody is commenting on this and commenting on that, but at the end of the day you can’t make everybody happy.

Evil D:  Exactly

Mr. Walt:  If we can make the majority happy, then I’m good.

Let’s talk about the album, “Fully Loaded with Static” is on Copter Records, is this your label or how did that relationship come about?

Mr. Walt:  That is not our label; it’s just a label we are signed to.  Basically they came at us and they wanted to do a record with us.  They saw how fast we cranked the beats out and they were like, “can we get an album poppin”?  So we were like yo, man it’s good because it gives a chance for us to put some music out so the people can hear what we are doing.

Evil D:  It’s a guy from Queensbridge name Hodge and it’s his joint.

The album is out now and the single features one of my favorite emcee’s, The Last Emperor.  He was on your first album on Rawkus, how did you guys meet up?

Mr. Walt:  We have actually known Last Emp for almost 10 years and we have been affiliated with every project he has ever put out or attempted to put out.  Everything from Aftermath, to Interscope to Rawkus, to the album he dropped last year, we have been on everything.

He deserves more credit than he gets.

Evil D:  Yes he does, definitely.

The album also features some up and comers, such as David Banks, Terrell Rockwell, and Sha Lumie.  Are these artists signed with Da Beatminerz or just cats you have met along the way?

Mr. Walt:   Terrell Rockwell is my son and he just did the “Outro”, Sha Lumie is actually Killa Sha.  He was with Marley Marl and affiliated with Mobb Deep.  David Banks was on the last album and he is the singer in the crew.

There is a posthumous track with Headcourterz (RIP).  How old is the track and was it reworked or was that original recording?

Mr. Walt:  It was the original song.  Headcourterz was always our man, he was like family.  All I did was take his vocals from an old Krumbsnatcha record and put it on this one.  Because you know he was all our boy, you know.  If you would have ever met him, he was one of the nicest dudes in the world man.  What happened to him was so unfortunate.  If we get a chance to put out more Beatminerz records you will hear a lot more Headcourterz stuff on there.  He was affiliated with us and he was with us, but I remember going on the road with this guy and he would put this heat on in the summertime.  It would be hot as hell watching “Baby Boy”.  (Laughs)

Do you see yourself mentoring up and comers and stepping out of producing in the future?

Mr. Walt:  Oh yeah, we are already doing that, we mentor lots of people.

So owning your own label is down the road?

Evil D:  We actually do own our own label, but the thing is we don’t really take the label thing that serious.  I’m not sitting back and trying to crank out records like crazy.  I’m not trying to kill myself, you know.  We have a lot of other things going on, from outside production to the radio show.

So where do you see yourselves in say, 5 years?

Mr. Walt:  We will of course still be doing the beat thing; we aren’t going to give that up.  We will probably more on the executive side, sitting down and running the business.

Any last words?

Mr. Walt: For real, support us if you can, it’s all good.  Go out and get that new Beatminerz record “Fully Loaded With Static” on Studio Distribution.  Let’s get it poppin, be on the lookout for a new Black Moon record and we have a lot of things that will be coming out under Da Beatminerz umbrella.

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