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6 September, 2005@12:00 am

    I first reviewed Kaze’s “On” b/w “Move Over” 12″ almost a year ago and to be honest, the only thing that I can recollect from that first encounter with Kaze was that I wanted to hear more. I had heard nothing about him, hadn’t seen his bio regurgitated across the pages of all the rap mags — nothing. I just knew that it was a solid single. Then I get wind a few months later that Kaze’s teamed up with another North Cackalack native to spruce up a previous release of his. That hometown homie was none other than 9th Wonder, so I the anticipation was high at this point.

   Finally, the album is in my hand…after the white label “50/50 Amp Remix” tease, after the official single was serviced to college radio…finally here so I can finally hear. And ya know what? I’m not disappointed, it was worth the wait.

    Kaze’s appeal is his ability to go from personal narratives and dedications to his mom to other joints where he’s hard as hell. He definitely has that intelligent hoodlum feel to him, rapping at one point that teachers hated because he “got straight A’s, but D’s in conduct.” His character is definitely the three dimensional type, capable of quickly swinging from bragging bravado on “50/50 Amp” to spiritual musings on “Soul Dojo (Essence Of Life Mix)”. 9th’s simple boom bap drums and lazy, meandering strings compliment Kaze’s lyrical style perfectly, never outshining, just providing that perfect backdrop. Cop this joint, the man is so sincere…and sincerely talented, too.

  Mixtape D.L.
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