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29 September, 2005@12:00 am

    Kev Brown’s name has been floating about the industry for some time now. As one of the many producers to put his personal stamp on the flood of Jay-Z Black Album remixes (aptly titled The Brown Album) Kev emerged with not only a solid remix album, but also a healthy buzz. That buzz landed him as URB magazine’s “next 100 artists to watch.”  After releasing a mixtape and helping produce on Jazzy Jeff’s The Magnificent, Kev is ready to move things along with a solo album titled, I Do What I Do.

    So Kev Brown is a producer right? Wrong. Kev Brown is a little more than just a producer and on I Do What I Do, the producer showcases his mic skills. With his signature basslines in tow, Brown does an exemplary job. With the gritty “Work In Progress” (which was recorded on a hand held mic ran through a SP505 drum machine, for all you studio heads) Brown shows that his music is honest in approach. Kev Brown isn’t the most exciting and animated emcee on the mic, but he does his thing. When he links up with Phonte and another producer that heads didn’t know that rapped, Oddisee, on “Beats N’ Rhymes” the results are satisfying. Oddisee churns out a really solid verse and alludes to the fact that his next project should be one to check for. The soulful “Albany” is probably the albums best track with its soulful edge and moving horns. Funny thing is, Kev ain’t even from Albany (he’s from Maryland) and the track is about a girl of which he misses.  “Hennessey Pt 2″ proves that Brown can contribute a dope R&B track with its ridiculously smooth vibe vocals from Chronkite, Eric Roberson and Wayna.

    Some may complain that there are too many guests and they may be right, but for the sake of argument those many guests get the job done and accommodate the tracks appropriately. Grap Luva sounds off on the groovy “Outside Looking In” and Cy Young joins Kev to torment “Keep On”. Although one can complain that the subject matter is a bit on the thin side, the fact is that Kev Brown told everyone at the beginning of the album that he isn’t trying to change the game. Kev Brown is just trying to add his two cents in.

    I Do What I Do plays like a Winky Wright fight- at times a bit dull and redundant yet technically sound and only gets stronger as the album goes on. There’s really no KO power in the music, but over the course of 12 rounds or 13 tracks (w/ 2 bonus cuts) it holds its value. For those looking for the next song to make you jump out your seats and break something, look elsewhere. But for those who have appreciated Kev Brown this far, you’ve found your crown jewel.

  Mixtape D.L.
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