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20 October, 2005@12:00 am

     There are not many reviews, that I have read, that give due to the producer of a record.   If that statement is anywhere close to the truth, then let me be one of the first of these new breed of reviewers to-do so.  What Young RJ, B.R. Gunna, and Carl Broaden, and Moss to a lesser extent, did was crazy.   This is exactly what all producers should aspire to do.  The idea of producing an album from top to bottom is a mountain to climb in itself, but it’s the actual work that should be noted as a milestone.   It’s a task to just make beats that don’t sound like the last one you did.  Now that you have to make 12-15 of them different, you also have to obligation to make them vibe with each other. Impossible? Nah… creativity and talent play into the reason why this was pulled off…. So to the producers I tip my hat, and I’ma pour out this Poland springs bottle of red kool-aid on my sidewalk.   “Demo” solutes you all.  Tipping hat.

      You know as a friend of mine says about her native Detroit… “There isn’t much to do in the ‘BORING ASS’ ‘D’”.    Then when you match that statement up against to the long list of albums that Slum Village has blessed us with, you cannot help but try to figure out what the hell is they drankin’ over there in the ‘D’? That place is live with that kinda talent!   Yes, Ladies and gentlemen Slum Village did it again.  I am enjoying this album.  Why???   Simply because it’s the Village folk how they were supposed to be, without the chaps, sleeveless flannel shirts, and without a white dude thinking they an Indian. (Editor’s note: “huh?”)

     The album seems very personal and has a faint feeling of trying to quiet a few people.   If you ever seen interviews with athletes at their lockers trying to answer 400 questions and all of them are questions from 10 weeks ago that they dodged for a while, this is how their mind state is.   About their changes of the group, the rumors of their label situation, and their relationships with ‘former’ group members.  They explain themselves as to cut the question asking and start on another journey in music with a clean slate.

     Yes, as with everything, this little fireball of an album had flaws… I didn’t like the song placement.   I would rather them answer all questions in the beginning and then start their new slate after all of that.  Sonically it makes for a good story (metaphorically).   Would have liked to see them reach out to maybe 1 or 2 other producers… not to contradict my earlier statements and my kool-aid pouring… I’m just a fan of soundscapes the difference meshing with the similar.   Don’t get it??  Try putting a Dr. Dre Beat and a Neptunes beat side by side. I enjoyed all songs, but the beginnig of the album started to slow for me. The album really didn’t catch me till about track 4….. then I appreciated the first 3 more.

    What do you want me to say??  I liked the damn album.  Go cop it…. Support it….   These people have mouth(s) to feed ….  Would you like to be responsible for there child not eating?? Big up to T-3 and Elzhi.   No matter the test Slum Village still keeps on moving and making hot music.  Thank you for doing it!

  Mixtape D.L.
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