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28 October, 2005@12:00 am

By DJ Ethx

With the help of the godsend technology known as the Sidekick, and after pleasantries were run through and greetings were exchanged, Chaundon of Justus League fame chopped it up for a few minutes about his beginnings, aspirations and gave us a hint of things to come. The man is definitely on his grind, so without further ado, coming “Live From The 718″, it’s Chaundon…

HIPHOPSITE: Alright then, first question: When did you first get actively involved in hip-hop as more than a fan?

CHAUNDON: Around ‘94.  That’s when I started getting on the radio, freestlying, battling, and getting opportunities to open up for acts such as The Lost Boys, Doug E. Fresh, and KRS-ONE.

HIPHOPSITE: So you’ve been doing it for quite a while before you hooked up with the rest of the Justus League then?

CHAUNDON: Yeah. I’ve been paying dues, mastering my craft and earning my stripes between NYC and NC before I hooked up with my family

HIPHOPSITE: What was the biggest moment for you personally before your inclusion in the JL ranks?

CHAUNDON: Hmmm…the biggest moment…There were so many moments I can’t choose.  After opening up for so many rappers I grew up listening to, and getting the chance to actually talk to them, get advice and hear that ole “keep doin’ ya thing kid!” meant a lot for a young aspiring artist coming up.

HIPHOPSITE: So how long ago was it that you came to be part of the JL family, how’d that come about and what sort of impact has that had on you and your career so far?

CHAUNDON: Wow, this is a long story, haha.  I will try to shorten it.  I met the JL when it all jumped off in 1999 at North Carolina Central University.  I met 9th (Wonder) first.  DJ Joe Drama introduced us.  Then I met Phonte in the dorm room.  We must have freestyled for like 3 hours, it was crazy.  I met Pooh at the radio station on campus.  From there we just clicked. The rest of the story, ya’ll can look back at the early Little Brother interviews.  My story checks out, haha…. Working with the League had a great impact on my career.  It has kept me on my toes.  Every time I hear joints from LB, Away Team, L.E.G.A.C.Y. etc, it makes me want to go to the studio and knock out more solid material.  I consider myself lucky to be in a crew of artists that are actually NICE!

HIPHOPSITE: Haha…always nice to be playing on a winning team! So the “Live from 718″ was more mixtape oriented, if I’m not mistaken. When can we expect an official debut album?

CHAUNDON: I’m working on the album now “NO EXCUSES”. So far I have about 25 tracks recorded.  Big Dho is shopping for a major deal for me.  So until I sign those papers, ya’ll won’t hear that album.  But!  I am working on a few side projects, which will sound and look like albums, haha!  Those joints will be out soon.  Pizzo will be getting a call from me sooner than you think!  I plan on releasing 3 “albums” with 3 different producers handling each project on his own.  I can’t disclose who they are yet….why spoil the surprise!

HIPHOPSITE: It sounds like you have a lot of stuff in the mix. So far it looks like you’ve gotten to collaborate with a lot of folks, especially most of those in the JL family…Any collaborations you’d like to see come to fruition that haven’t yet?

CHAUNDON: I would like to work with Redman, Jewels Santana, Peedi Crack, Ness (if you’re reading this, I got the beat and the concept! Holla at me so you, me, and Khrysis can burn the booth down).  Damn there are too many artists to name.  As far as producers I would like to work with, Dre (obvious choice) Agallah, Dilla, and that guy 9th Wonder, that dude is serious! Haha.

HIPHOPSITE: Yeah, I heard that guy got a beat or two. Is it getting harder at all to keep JL a tight unit with everyone’s careers really taking off and the Little Brother album dropping on Atlantic next month? Like are ya’ll still a real cohesive unit, or do you keep in contact when you can at this point?

CHAUNDON: We are all still close.  It ain’t to the point where I have to schedule an appointment to talk to Phonte, he’s only a phone call away, nah mean!  We may not hang out and kick it as much as in the college years but, hey, we are in the business of music and work comes first.  The Away Team, L.E.G., Big Dho and I see each other at the office and the studio.  I’m also LB’s road manager so every time they are on the road, I’m there.  Comanche lives in the same million dollar apartment complex.  We play golf every Friday.  Median pops up once in a while.  And I get to see EAF during the holidays.

HIPHOPSITE: That’s good to see ya’ll are staying connected under the pressure of fame and fortune! Haha. Here’s one of my favorites to ask artists right when shit is really starting to pop off: what sort of legacy do you hope to leave behind when all is said and done?

CHAUNDON: My legacy will be, hard work, dedication, and persistence, is the key to success.  I could’ve given up and got a job a long time ago and said, “Fuck this rap shit.”  But I hate working a 9 to 5 so I sharpened my skills and knocked down the building when doors were closed. Plus I want to open up all sorts of opportunities for those coming up after me

HIPHOPSITE: Let’s wrap it up on that note! Any last words for the kids?

CHAUNDON: I’m the Bronx Borough President! BX stand up!  I will bring back prosperity to our borough! Cop that “Live From The 718″ mixtape hosted by Little Brother.  I swear to god it’s that heat!!   September 13th Little Brother “The Minstrel Show”. “National Anthem”, “Project Mayhem”, “Sleepers”, in stores now!!! JUSTUS LEAGUE IS WHAT YOU NEED.  Big Shout to DV Alias Khrist, Retsam, & Louie Legs. DYNAZTEE/THE GOVARMYNT! One more…Bootcamp! Much Respect to Sean P! One!

  Mixtape D.L.
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