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29 November, 2005@12:00 am

HHS: What have you been up to since we last heard from you?

Canibus: Collecting more information.

HHS: You have 2 albums and a mixtape that just dropped, did you plan on releasing them at the same time?

Canibus: Of course not. The music was recorded during separate periods of activity and thought. Distribution decides WHEN, I only control WHAT  is given to the replicator.

HHS:  What are the differences between them?

Canibus: Def Con Zero is about RV and coming world events. Hip Hop For Sale is aptly titled as just that. An added plus is the production/guidance from Nottz/DMP/Teamstas outta’ VA.

HHS: How do they differ from previous releases?

Canibus:  The common denominator of all my releases are more similar than they are different.

HHS: Do you prefer doing albums or mixtapes?

Canibus: Both provide an outlet to exploit. The albums/mixtapes accomplish the same goal in my experience.

HHS: How did you come up with the title, for the Babygrande release, “Hip -Hop for Sale”? What is the meaning behind it?

Canibus: HH4S is geared to a wider audience of Hip Hop enthusiasts. I focused more heavily on rap related topics and ideas unlike the impressions that resonate w/ other Mic Club releases.

HHS: I heard you were dealing with Clef again last year, is that true? Any chance of you working on material with him again?

Canibus: I had recorded 5 songs w/ Wyclef and Jerry Wonda @ Platinum Studios NYC for the fugee reunion album. If all goes well I would love to be on it.

HHS: You have worked with a bunch of different artists and producers, is there anyone out there you haven’t worked with yet, that you want to?

Canibus: Too many to sift thru. I will say my favs include Black Thought and Junior Gong.

HHS: Since you came out, you have always received acclaim as a lyricist. Is there a routine or formula you follow for crafting your songs? Could you describe the Canibus thought process when creating lyrics?

Canibus: Pen/Pencil/Paper. I start w/ a Word Descriptor List. Imagery enhancement w/ RV techniques. Lastly, I seek the guidance of St. Germain.

HHS: Is there anyone out that you are currently impressed by as a lyricist?

Canibus: Black Thought, Jay-Z, Nas, G-Rap.

HHS: People can always look to your lyrics for quotables? What is your favorite line of yours of all time? And what is your favorite line
from anyone else at all time?

Canibus: By “all-time” I suppose you mean timeless, whereby I would rest my faith in RTJ, and look forward to RTJ II.

HHS: What do you think the biggest misconception people might have about you is?

Canibus: The biggest misconception could be that my work as a modern day poet has not made an impact worth notice in the art itself. I have grown b/c of the music and the music has grown b/c of me.

HHS: Is there anything going on in hip-hop that you don’t like? What? And how would you change it?

Canibus: I point out the faux paus in Mic Club The Curriculum. I would be so much more inspired in a world of tighter MC’s

HHS: You have always been on deeper topics and subject matter than most, what are your opinions on the current state of the world? And is there anything that people should be made aware of that they currently aren’t?

Canibus: The question of Global Affairs and Earth Changes has been addressed in rhyme form before but I will say more b/c I AM. The information is accessed thru comparable vibration. Thru Harmony one can project consciously and open the door to access this information. Those w/ above average subconscious intuition usually approach these visions during the hours of sleep, but if desired one can extend this activity to their waking hours and learn the value of developing true consciousness. The Ley Lines, Portals, Windows and other classifications that have been discovered by the Sages of our time (past and present) are no secret. Understandably, most will look but miss the camouflaged meanings and ignore the key doctrines to accessing the Fourth Dimension. That is all I have at this time.

HHS: What’s coming up for you in the future, what can we look forward to?

Canibus:  More projects.

HHS: Any tours?


HHS: You have always had some of the most loyal fans, do you have any final words for them?

Canibus: By only listening to the words and finding meaning they have shown and experienced LOVE, TRUST, DESIRE, CREATIVITY, SERVICE, COOPERATION, FAITH, ILLUMINATION, HARMONY, & STILLNESS. There are other qualities but these immediately come to mind. I AM of service to them and seek nothing in return. I gain a great deal of satisfaction in knowing I AM partly responsible for perfecting the art of rap. A Special Thanx To: RIPTHEJACKER.NET and their vigilence to procure more knowledge and make it useful. Stars of the brotherhood include; Unknown, GhettoScholar, Mayakovsky, Copernicus, Efective, and Infinite.

  Mixtape D.L.
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