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15 February, 2006@12:00 am

   Dose One’s Ha is as disjointed and weird as you would expect from Anticon’s oddball emcee. With songs that encompass a wide array of production techniques and rapping styles, one can surely find something they like-or hate-from this album.

   The title track finds Dose singing over strange, slow moving melodic bleeps and clicks. As the song seemingly settles into some sort of rhythm, it switches into Dose rapping – somewhat – with distorted mic effects. With the production as random as his lyrics, this introductory track sets the mood and pace of the entire album; hit and miss.

   Tracks 2 and 3 are similar to one another in tone and pace. With production that slowly builds, Dose sings, whispers and talks his way in and out of the beat. Yet at the song’s climax, we are left wondering why we invested time in the build up. The production on both these tracks have some very enjoyable moments – notably the melody 3/4′s of the way into track 3 – but these tracks do require a lot of patience with its dreadfully slow pace.

   The next song can be considered the most conventional track on the album. With electronic production that is both rhythmic and catchy, Dose displays his versatility as an emcee by spitting rapidly and coherently over the beat. The track ends with Dose proclaiming, “The older I get the more life starts to make sense?”. This track, “My Horoscope I & II” indeed makes sense and is in many ways, the album’s highpoint.

    After the highpoint that is “My Horoscope I & II”, the album’s next 3 consecutive songs are arbitrary and unmemorable. With production that builds and never quite release, the random beat switch ups, strange noises and voice effects sound like Clouddead b-sides-but without the charm or focus.

   The last song on Ha is a good reflection of the entire listen as a whole. Encompassing many different musical elements, the production is all over the place. With hit and miss results, Dose uses the album’s closer to display some tongue twisting and abstract lyrics that work as entertaining visual rhymes. Although the song lacks any sort of structure, it is able to capture the your attention and entertain. Yet when the song finds its momentum it lapses into an unnecessary 2 minute silence before we find Dose sarcastically rapping about himself. “You sound like you tried too hard?” says the peculiar emcee.  

   Whether this album is for you or not is dependant on your patience, open mindedness and prior like or dislike of Dose One. Full of unnecessary elements-laps of silence, abrupt changeups and incoherent speech-this album is consistent in its inconsistency. Love or hate Dose One, the album does reflect his genuine effort as a musician, and listening, you can be assured that this is the exact album he wanted to make. What might seem unnecessary, surely, was intentional. Versatile, risk taking and anomalous, Dose One’s Ha is a bit contrived and lacks cohesion, but does have some very likeable components.

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