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    Sometimes you wake up and feel the need to hear something positive, something proactive, something progressive. And some days you wake up and just want to slap a bitch! Well, maybe not literally, but there’s a couple of guys that will lyrically project that for you. J-Zone and Celph Titled have been known for their all out campaign fueled by ignorance, misogyny and gangsta rap (all in good fun, though). Captain Backslap and the Rubix Cuban have joined forces to deliver you their brand of ignorance, and with that comes the first release by the Bo$$ Hog Barbarians, Every Hog Has Its Day.
    If you go into Every Hog Has Its Day looking for an extension of J-Zone or Celph Titled’s previous work, then you may be a tad disappointed. But if you go in expecting something different (not terribly different) from the duo’s first full length venture, then you will be pleasantly surprised with this release. The beats are a little more funky and the rhymes a little more ‘ho’ oriented. And as long as you have an open mind and know not to take these cats too seriously, then you will be fine.
    The topics are nothing revolutionary – hoes, bitches, sluts and scumbags in different degrading environments, but the way that Zone and Celph put it together is humorous. Take “The Weight Debate” for instance. Sure it’s an all out tirade about fat women, but the way the duo spins it may bring a smile to your face. “Bitch, That Ain’t Luv!” is downright retarded as J-Zone recounts his escapades with various women where the main interest is how well they can put it down in the kitchen. Sure, shorty may have a moustache, but as long as she can fill your belly, it’s all good! Celph Titled also goes off the hook with joints like “Rev. Getright” as Celph heads to the pulpit to offer up some advise to all the women at the churches (as in chicken).
    On the production side of things, Zone and Celph move in a different direction with the album. The trademark Zone quirks are there, but it’s a little more funky and early 90′s West Coast sounding. “$teady $mobbin’” sounds like a J-Zone beat but with obvious G-funk influence. Celph also chips in some production with the pimpishly offbeat “You Got Mail” and the old school funk vibes of “Dog Show Pageant”. Both tracks are just begging for an artist like Sugafree or Too $hort to drop by and articulate the pimp game. Even Da Beatminerz fall through and add to the tirade with “Hell No, Ho!” and what do you know? The track fits perfectly!
   If you are used to the over the top ignorance that both artists have displayed in the past, then you will have no problem soaking up all the humor of Every Hog Has Its Day. But if you are a little more politically correct with your hip hop tastes, then you may be just a tad offended by this release. Either way this album is of the quite interesting variety and may not be safe to play for your grandmother (unless you are J-Zone that is).     

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