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29 March, 2006@12:00 am

What in the hell made you two hook up for this Boss Hog Barbarians album? Explain how you two cooked up the concept for this album.

Celph: J-Zone and I have known each other since around ’99 and we’ve always been homeboys. We’ve been working on songs with each other for years now, some of which still haven’t been released yet. So it was only natural that we finally formulated a plan for an album doing exactly what we both wanted to do, since we both have such similar tastes in music.

J-Zone: We’re both big fans of shit like C-Bo, old Master P, E-40, Dangerous Crew, Big Tymer$ and just stuff that most of our peers and fans don’t like. Or if they do, they’re scared to admit it. We said fuck it, lets do an album in that style, with a bit of the sound that we’re known for thrown in. We didn’t bite, we just put our own spin on it. At the end of the day, I’m a native New Yorker and I love and was influenced by Gangstarr and Wu-Tang as much as anybody, but I think its more challenging and creative to show how Too $hort, Eazy-E and Big Tymer$ influenced me too because nobody’s really done that yet, except Kool Keith.

So much ignorance, so little time…what’s your favorite song off the album and why?

J-Zone: I can’t pick one cause ignorant songs are like your kids, you gotta love em all. My favorites change as time goes on. My tops at the moment are, “Hog Luv”, “Weight Debate” and “You Got Mail”. Celph did his thing on that “You Got Mail” beat and his first verse on it is crazy.

Celph: Gotta be “You Got Mail” or “Rev. Getright”… ‘Cause “Got Mail” is the kind of song we both have dreamed of doing for years but never thought we could get away with it. But since we decided Hogs don’t give a fuck, the funk came to fruition. “Rev. Getright” is my other favorite because it’s rare that I do many full solo tracks, so that was something I really enjoyed doing especially since Zone’s beat was incredible and what he did with the soundbites, cuts and sequencing was untouchable. I had to bring out the craziest shit on the mic because of that. There’s too many favorites really, I love the whole album and that’s hard for me to say normally because I’m so critical of my own shit. There isn’t a better pimped out rhyming team than me and J-Zone.

With an album filled with so much comedy and ignorance, do you feel like people may take your brand of humor the wrong way?

Celph: We feed off the hate and misconceptions. It is what has made us continue to make money independently as underground artists for all these years. A lot of dope artists have come out over the years but they are forgotten easily or people lose interest in their music and don’t check for their albums anymore simply because they lose peoples’ interest and nobody talks about them, whether it is good or bad. Word of mouth and making sure your name constantly rings bells with people is one of the keys to being successful in this business. Anyone who takes our shit the wrong way is going to yap about it like a little bitch or make up rumors and stories about us and tell all their boys or go on the internet and keep people saying to themselves: “I gotta see what these muthafuckas are about!!!” … and when they do, it’s Mt. Kill-A-Ho all day bitch… We know our shit is hot, so that’s why it works for us.

J-Zone: I been dealin with that since I first came out. Humor isn’t very popular in rap anymore. Most shit is thug shit, emo shit or battle shit. I do music to have fun and its like my therapy. It’s an escape from the stress and bullshit in life, it’s to be taken with a grain of salt. Its entertainment to me, no more no less. But just cause the records are funny, people think we’re doin this as a joke and that ain’t the case. But like Celph said, as long as they got our names in their mouths, we in business. We won’t stop hoggin noooo, we won’t stop smobbin’ hoooooe!

So is it safe to say that Zone and Celph “Don’t Love Dem Hoes?”

J-Zone: I got love for real ladies who got their shit together, that’s who I wanna meet. Women that don’t even know I do music and can accept me as Jay, not J-Zone. But I hate all them groupie ass rap bitches and psycho drama havin’ tramp hoes. And to 95% of  you broads I dealt with over the years, I hope y’all read this…FUCK Y’ALL! Thanks for nothin. I tried to let that Captain Back$lap shit die and be civilized, but y’all didn’t appreciate shit, so fuck y’all, back to barbarianism! My motto in 2006 is DON’T HOLLA! I aint askin for your number, I ain’t buyin no drinks, no kickin game, no “yo shorty what’s your name”, no effort, no shit. Go ahead and front on the ass too, I don’t care. So what, bitch, I got my hand, a Jessica Alba poster, my bank account and a 1000 watt microwave, so what the fuck I need y’all for?!?! I’m on my paper route, fake bitch. DON’T HOLLA, ho! Pardon, I’m just venting after a lifetime of lost cause chicks, with no relief in sight…Don’t mind me.

Celph: I hate hoes. But I love hoes. I hate hoes. But then I love hoes. But more than often, I hate hoes.”Hog Luv”, “Bitch, That Ain’t Love” and “Weight Debate” on our album all explain what type of ladies I’m looking for… just don’t get smobbed on cause if that happens we ain’t cool bitch. I’m counting my yaper and stackin’ my marbles, I’m busy.

On the cover of the album the two of you are repping with posters of Willie D, NWA, Geto Boys, Scarface, RBL Posse and gotdamn Wrecks N Effect and TLC. What’s up with the Wrecks and TLC albums being up there?

J-Zone: Wrecks-N-Effect I really liked back in the day. Not that album on our cover really, but the one before that with “New Jack Swing” on it from 1989. That album had some dope raw rap shit on it, Redhead Kingpin produced most of  it, and people used to say I looked like him when I had my flattop. It wasn’t hog music, but it was dope. TLC? Only Celph knows why.

Celph: Haha, TLC was my bitches as a teenager. Don’t forget we had Arrested Development up there too… We just really wanted to make a funny ass cover. Put some real gangsta classic shit up there with some shit that most people think is corny so people are like “What the fuck is this shit?!?”.. We ain’t mean no disrespect to none of those groups though. They all were from such a great era that hip hop will never snap into again.

Zone, for some time you have alluded to “retiring” from this rap shit but after checking out the Boss Hog album it seems like you still got tons of work left in you. You plan on dropping another solo album (say yes).

J-Zone: Naah, not right now. Honestly, for the first time in my career I can say I don’t know what’s next. I’m kinda at a reflecting point now. 2005 and 2006 been rough for me all around, so I been away from music for a few months now, takin care of personal shit. I’m in a production team with bunch of other producers, but we didn’t finalize that yet. I did some beats and remixes for Del, A Plus, Vakill, Tha Alkaholiks and some others, but pretty much been on the low. I popped that retirement shit in 2001 and came back, so I won’t do that again, but I really don’t wanna do any J-Zone solo records at this point. Just doin beats, doin shit for TV and commercials, looking for new talent…tryin to find other ways to use the music to make a living besides the J-Zone solo artist thing. I wanna do album projects, but just not solo albums right now. But with all my solo albums, I just woke up one day and had the motivation, so I can’t say never.

Celph, what can we expect from you in the near future? I see Apathy has got his album about ready to drop but what’s up you and the Demigodz?

Celph: I’m releasing a couple CD projects that will compile all of my unreleased material dating back from ’97 until recently. Just trying to give my fans some interesting music they’d probably want to hear. I also did an album with Apathy called “There’s No Place Like Chrome” which is dropping later this year. Other than that, I’m taking a step back from focusing on my rap shit and getting back into production which I really never felt I mastered since I was always an MC first. Just want to challenge myself a little more. As far as the Demigodz go, we’ve been slowly trying to put together a full length release which will soon see the light of day. But make sure when y’all cop the Bo$$ Hog album you pick up the new Apathy and Army of the Pharaohs albums. I’m involved in both of those projects as well.

You two plan on doing any shows to promote the album?

Celph: I won’t be doing any shows or tours. I’m done with the aspect of focusing on being a performer for right now. I don’t think I’m a star or nothing like that… Really just focusing on production and more behind the scenes business ventures. With my schedule, I don’t have the time or ability to get on a full-on tour. I know people will probably get it twisted since I’m not rocking live with Zone, but it couldn’t be in more plain English than what I said. J-Zone, unlike a lot of people in this industry, is a real friend of mine so our respect for each other is real. Anybody who caught me on the Fort Minor tour knows how I tear shit down and it was fun rockin’ for y’all and I’m glad you got a chance to peep it, cause from now on, the stage has been traded for the lab. See what I cook when I cook it and you won’t be able to speak. Stay tuned.

J-Zone:  I definitely plan to hit the road when I get my health back in order. I been dealin with an injury since around New Years, still tryin to heal, so I had to cancel some shows. But soon as I’m 100% and the doctor says it’s cool, it’s on and poppin. I really wanna tour Europe again. I had a blast tourin with Louis Logic and Vakill in 2004.

Okay Zone real simple question, where the fuck do you find these samples?

J-Zone: Silent films.

Have you two ever been approached by majors to put out albums? I mean if D4L can put out a hit I damn sure know you guys can do the same.

Celph: I’ve been approached by a few over the years, but either wasn’t ready to focus on my own solo material or it was a weak deal where I could make much more staying independent. There are a lot of major things in the works for Demigodz related things, so with a major machine behind us you never know what could happen.

J-Zone: Yeah, I got appoached in 2001. They didn’t offer me anything I couldn’t make independently money wise, and I’d lose all creative control. They wanted to re-release Pimps Don’t Pay Taxes with a few “radio friendly” singles added. In English, that means make a new album only to be released when it’s satisfactory to them, you’ll be signed and on the shelf for 5 years and they’ll pay you 30 grand. I don’t need no label, thats why this album is on Mt. Kill-A-Ho/Hog Cabin. I want $6.50-$9.00 a unit and the ownership so I can license songs and keep 100%, fuck that. A tycoon is the only way to be.

Right now how do you two feel about the rap game?

Celph: One of the worst games on the planet. But it pay$ me.

J-Zone: Ditto.

Aiight let’s play “finish the sentence”….

1)      George Bush is…

J-Zone: Missin out if he didn’t buy a Bo$$ Hog CD.

Celph: A dude with a funny accent.

2)      My friends think I’m….

J-Zone: Stubborn

Celph: Crazy

3)      If I had a million dollars I’d buy…

J-Zone: A verse each from Suga Free, Too $hort, Project Pat and Baby. That’s the last record I’ll do. If I got any money left over, I’ll buy a dryer. My clothes are always stiff cause I hang em in the backyard to dry. And once I break em in, they need to be washed again.

Celph: A million doo-rags

4)      If I wasn’t rapping I’d be…

J-Zone: In a porno with Paris Hilton and the Olsen Twins called “Awesome Foursome”.

Celph: Crashing a jet-ski into your fucking living room window

5)      The Greatest Rapper Of All Time is….

J-Zone: Suga Free and Kool G Rap (tie)

Celph: JT Money

Any last words from you two?

Celph: If you don’t cop the Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$ “Every Hog Has Its Day” album, you will implode into the depths of hell.

J-Zone: Cancel that bitch!!! I’ll buy another. Big up to Nino Brown.

  Mixtape D.L.
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