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    Stones Throw is known for having some of the most unconventional sounds around in of hip-hop, funk, and soul. Everything they put out carries a distinct style, and most of the time is critically acclaimed. So in waltzes a female by the name of Georgia Anne Muldrow, with her debut album on Stones Throw, entitled Worthnothings. Judging by the album cover, this album is yet another unconventional offering from the PB Wolf and his Stones Throw gang. But is the female a worthy signing or will she end up being a dud?
    First things first, it is worth noting that Muldrow is a vocalist, writer and producer. So with that being said, on her album you won’t find anything produced or written by anyone but herself. While for some artists it may doom them to an eternal hell or simply summon cat calls of those saying “You shoulda had *favorite producer name here* on your album,” but for Muldrow it offers an opportunity to showcase her undeniable talent. Worthnothings avoids anything considered to be the norm by today’s standards. Her voice is atypical, her production is worthy of the Stones Throw label (read: distinctive) and her songwriting is nothing you would find on today’s bland radio waves. Simply put, Worthnothings is on its own planet.
    Joints like “Nothingness” ooze of Muldrow’s distinct flavor. Snappy drums and lush arrangements flow throughout as Georgia verbalizes her drifting thoughts. “Lo Mein” is yet another example of aquatic soul that gently surges through the listeners speakers. The problem with the album (other than its criminally short set) is that there isn’t enough room for unmoving cuts like “Larva”. With an album this short, there is no time for meandering and the listener has to be hit hard throughout. A longer album may find a lazy song or two forgivable. 
   Georgia Anne Muldrow’s debut, although short, provides an inkling of what this woman is capable of. And if this seven song exhibition is an example of what we can expect, then watch out world!

  Mixtape D.L.
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