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8 June, 2006@12:00 am

   Everyone loves a good movie in the theatre - buttery popcorn, overpriced soft drinks, giving a hickey to your significant other, breathtaking scenes, and a fantastic soundtrack.

   Movie Scenes is the latest installment in the Beat Konducta series inevitably should be compared to J. Dilla’s Donuts; 30 plus songs, no track lasts longer than a few minutes, and voice samples (M.O.P., Busta Rhymes, ODB, and Diana Ross) are used as instruments as opposed to guest appearances. But, rather than compare these records to one another, it’s best to consider them sequels, or better yet remakes. Madlib even steals one of Dilla’s lead actors from “Welcome to the Show”, listen close now…

   The film scrolls through the credits with “The Payback (Gotta)”. A complaining man fires “Bitch I’m calling the main character!” while hands clap in the background with a bellowing female voice crooning in and out. Pianos tickle in the distance until the track slowly rolls to an ending, like a wanderer finally finding a place to lay his head.

    A Yesterday’s New Quintet jam session breaks out during “Face the Sun (Africa)” with wah-wah guitars and strong base leading the way. Different musicians take their turn at the helm and have you sitting back to admire the view. When the gathering concludes, immediately we are taken to 3000 A.D. on “Open (Space)” where Madlib space invades us with an “Axel F” like theme song heavy with synthesizers bouncing androids from star to star. Even Norman Bates stops by for a psycho wispering in “Third Ear (More)” when violins pierce the ears like a shower scene gone wrong, only to switch scenes to a banging beat dug up from the Madvillain fire proof vaults.

    The beauty with Movie Scenes is that it constantly keeps you biting your nails and wondering what is going to happen next. No two beats are similar, and Madlib just continues to show the listener why he should be regarded as one of the best producers in the game today. Even his scratching is neurotic in “Pyramids (Change)” where he takes the sample of “funny how things can change a n****” and flips the sentence over and over again until it finally ends with “a gun! a gun! a gun!”. You will be rewinding this one just to see/hear the scene again.

    As a director, Madlib has made a record that reminds of how work you have to do to find the right actor for the right part in your film. If Dilla has the donuts, then Madlib’s got the icing on top.

  Mixtape D.L.
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