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    After the breakup a few years ago of the seminal Boston group Electric Company, which left emcee Insight and emcee/DJ Edan in search of solo fame, the remaining members of the band – Anonymous, Raheem Jamaal and Moe Pope — reemerged as Project Move to reclaim its spot as one of the leaders of the Beantown hip-hop movement. Underground stalwarts Acrobatik and Mr. Lif were already rising through the ranks of the national scene, and old schooler Ed O.G. was again becoming a force in the game, so the remaining members of live-show legend knew they had come back with something new.

    Enter Love Gone Wrong/The Butterfly Theory. One can speculate endlessly over the album title or the not-so-hidden meaning behind the words, but the truth is that the trio comes hard with jazzy riffs, odes to the female form and endless tributes to their true love: hip-hop. While the subjects of the songs are nothing new, the record is nonetheless sincere in its affinity for the four elements, the beats are consistently solid and the braggadocio is limited. 

    “That’s How It Was (Love Music)” is yet another call out to rappers who are trying to pimp the culture (“That’s how it was, that how it is/ I stole hip-hop while you was in prison … If you can’t rock then leave it alone/Love Music”) and “Make It Fresh” is a head-nodding and aggressive banger that is yet another “remember how it used to be” song. Also check for “Butterfly Theory,” a horn-laced track that centers around the hurdles in life that can hold one back and the love of hip-hop that remains consistent despite the everyday challenges.

    All in all the new effort by the remaining members of Electric Company is solid, sharp and sincere with nothing but love for hip-hop. It is refreshing and a reason to visit the underground clubs in Boston, because the threesome with likely be blessing a crowd with the respected live show on any given night.

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