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5 September, 2006@12:00 am

HHS: What up fellas, how you been?

Kingston: Good, thanks.

Young God: Yeah

Now, you aren’t exactly rookies, but your not exactly veterans either. Introduce yourselves and explain what you have done thus far in your careers.

Kingston: Blue Sky Black Death is Kingston & Young God. We released our debut album “A Heap Of Broken Images” a little over three months ago. The Holocaust record is our second project. Before we became Blue Sky Black Death I did a few tracks on Jus Allah’s “All Fates Have Changed”, and began working on Virtuoso’s next record almost two years ago. Y.G. : a heap of broken images is really my first thing…but I also did a little bit on virt’s next album, though not as much as Kingston. I’ve been making beats for a long time though.

Which of you rhymes and which produce or are you both a jack of both trades?

K: We both strictly produce.

We know you worked on the “Bobby Digital” album with Rza, how did you guys meet Rza?

K: Holocaust worked on the Bobby Digital album, as well as “The Swarm”, “The Sting”, and Killarmy’s “Dirty Weaponry”. He met RZA at a Wu Tang show, and was personally invited by RZA to meet up at a radio station at a later date, which led up to the signing of Black Knights and a tour with RZA.

You also worked with Guru, what project was that on?

K: Blue Sky Black Death “A Heap Of Broken Images” its a double album, one half instrumental stuff, the other half is all mc collaborations.

How was it working with Guru?

Y.G: Although we worked closely with most of the guests on that project, Guru is someone we didn’t have the pleasure of dealing directly with.

So the album “Blue Sky Black Death presents: The Holocaust” is on Babygrande and what’s the exact release date?

K: September 5th

Give us a rundown of what we can expect from the album.

Y.G.: hmmm…Dark, Epic, Frantic, medieval…I don’t think it sounds like anything else out there right now….but a few of the songs got that throwback Wu sound to them just to keep the fans healthy. Holocaust is on some literary rap shit. Kids are going to learn a bunch of new fun facts and obscure references from holocaust.

Will there be any unexpected guests?

K: Its Blue Sky Black Death & Holocaust. No filler and no guests.

The Wu have really had quite the resurgence, what do you hope people gain from this album?

Y.G.: hopefully, faith in music and hip hop more specifically…that it’s 2006 and there’s still fresh rap to be heard.

So it’s 5 years from now, where will Blue Sky Death be?

Y.G. : Counting paper in the Caribbean, scoring films, working with people like khadafi, rass kass, and G. Rap and lots of others. Hopefully being able to afford a sit in orchestra and choir to record with.

Thanks a lot for your time fellas, you have any shoutouts?

Kingston: Shouts out to everone who has showed us support from the start. Peace.

Y.G.: Shouts to Mush and Babygrande and and all others who support us.

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