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    Darien Brockington may best be known as the voice behind Little Brother and the Justus League’s soulful hooks.  He’s been the fuel behind many of Little Brother’s grooviest moments (“Slow It Down” may be the most recognizable). Now with the Hall Of Justus spreading out to be more than just Little Brother, Darien Brockington now gets the chance to spread his wings and showcase whether or not he is good enough for more than a hook with his debut full length album, Somebody To Love.

    Somebody To Love is a departure from the “Freak-me-I’ma-Thug” R&B that has become popular amongst the general consumer today. What D Brock moves to accomplish here is that there is much more to soul music than sex.  “Think It Over” features a groovy 9th Wonder production as D Brock croons his way into the minds of women with his soulful vocals.  “Come On Over” and its dramatic production sounds ready for the radio and bedrooms across the country as Brockington lays down the laws of some good lovin’.  The Vitamin D produced “Can We Fall In Love Again” pounds around as Darien weaves in and out with raw emotion as if there was an individual in his past who may have broken the lover man’s heart. Where D Brock capitalizes totally is with the beautiful “I Miss You.” E. Jones sultry production caresses the eardrums as Darien turns up the steam factor and really allows his vocal talents to become more pronounced than anything he’s done in the past.

    Of course, when being a Justus League cohort, one must feature the family.  “I Need You” was previously featured on the Separate But Equal mixtape, but for those who may have missed the swanky tune, its back again. Phonte and Big Pooh do what they do best as D. Brock compliments the emcees lustful endeavors.  Chaundon pops in to plant his lyrical swagger to the cool as a cucumber “More & More.” There are a few tracks that don’t do Darien’s vocals enough justice.

     Somebody To Love is a great entry for Darien Brockington and hopefully his voice will be seen more than just on a hook here and there. Although his strength is in his powerful ballads rather than the uptempo songs, Brockington makes his presence felt and leaves a very distinguishing impression. Many of us hope to hear from D. Brock again and again. 

  Mixtape D.L.
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