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11 November, 2006@12:00 am

   JR Writer’s, History in the Making, comes off as the hustler’s ambition exemplified. At times redundant, the M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches) mentality is in full force. If you want to do anything in life: get your mind right; be about your money; and “keep riding till the wheels fall off of this bitch.”

    J.R. displays an energy that enables him,” To Be A Diplomat.” In his ever persistent hustle to the top during his pre-Dipset years, he claims to have battled the best and dazzled the rest. Although not complex in its rhyme scheme, the slick words provide perseverance through hard times. “Goonies,” is that hype track. Never without the purple piff, Jim Jones and Hell Rell make guests appearances. Jones overshadows both with the clever opening lines; “One-eyed Willie, leader of the Goonie-goo-goos.” This is probably the most notable lines on the entire album, the eclectic value of the 1985, Richard Donner classic, is the only thing that makes it stick out.

   Although the Dipset aren’t the best at writing love songs, “Xtacy” is that I need a down girl track. Laced with a smooth sample of women singing, “J.R.” in the background, even CL would be impressed. “That’s A Bet,” has a down south swagger. Posing as “history in the making,” labels Swisha House and Dipset pare up, with J.R. and Paul Wall break bread, blasting perpetrators and stuffing them in car trunks. 

    With production by Knoxville, Doe Boyz, Falco The Great, and The Justice League (not to be confused with the Justus League/Hall of Justus), to name a few; fast keys, large horn and orchestra sections are nothing new to Diplomat releases. Love them or hate them, as long as people keep buying, the Dipset will keep hustling the public and making money till the bitter end.

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