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10 December, 2006@12:00 am

   While the Wu dynasty reaches a point where a reunion album is nothing more than a myth (and a Rock The Bells concert), Ghostface continues to carry tradition on his back and broad shoulders. This year already saw Ghost come correct with Fishscale, but before the year closes out, Ghost has put together a slew of more joints and called it More Fish. But instead of giving you a shitload of leftovers from Fishscale, as the title may suggest, Ghost gets back in the lab and comes with a somewhat new album.

    Ghostface delivering a “new” album in six months is a helluva feat and judging by tracks like “You Know I’m No Good”, it feels that Ghost has enough in the tank to deliver another release of solid material. “You Know I’m No Good” features Amy Winehouse, who bellows out some heartfelt words amongst some groovy horns that allow the listener to get lost in Ghost’s vivid lyricism.  Utilizing the instrumental from Eric B & Rakim’s “Juice (Know The Ledge)” Ghostface attacks with the absolute bonkers “Ghost Is Back”. Stuffed with Ghost-isms and quotables, this serves as the perfect into to More Fish and sets the table for the rest of the meal. It sure feels good to hear Ghost again doesn’t it? 

    “Josephine” serves as proof that Ghost has a knack at knocking out narratives as he reflects on a young lady who falls by the wayside due to her impoverished struggles.  Trife the God tags along and compliments the track quite well. It only remotely sucks that Ghost fans have heard this already on Hi Tek’s album. Yet it is still one of the few tracks on the album that won’t leave you missing Ghost, as his crew clocks in to rhyme. “Good” is full of the wally champ’s signature blessings, as he, Trife and Mr. Maygreen bounce all around this track. Meanwhile, Redman and Shawn Wigs wyle out on the jubilant “Greedy Bitches”.

    “Block Rock” is disgustingly sinister from a production standpoint, while “Alex (Stolen Script)” begins to evoke the RZA days with its mean production. To many fans dismay, another reused MF Doom special herb pops up in the form of “Guns N’ Razors”. Even though the beat is identifiable for many Doom fans, this is simply brand new to many others as Ghost splits syllables with his razor sharp wordplay.  At this point one could argue that More Fish isn’t totally fresh off the market because either a few songs have been heard in the past or been floating around on mixtapes. And honestly, it sucks if you are a true Ghost follower who was expecting a ton of new material. But for those who haven’t been keeping up that close, this serves as a great follow up to Fishscale.

     Sure the Kanye featured “Back Like That” remix was unnecessary, and sometimes the Theodore Unit gets in the way of your favorite neighborhood Ironman’s spotlight, but all in all you have got to be impressed with how fresh More Fish really is.

  Mixtape D.L.
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