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29 January, 2007@12:00 am

   When your album starts with a “Whoomp….There It Is” sample, you are either interestingly daring, or setting people up for a horrendous listen.  Comprised of two white guys and two black guys, Plastic Little is a group whose aim isn’t to make great music, instead they would rather test your resilience with tasteless race jokes and some really off brand humor, on the album entitled, She’s Mature.

   So what exactly is She’s Mature? Is it a spoof album? Not really, although they cleverly poke fun at a few artists like the Wu Tang Clan on “5th Chamber” and dead prez on “Creative Difference”. These are one of the few times that the humor on She’s Mature works. The former channels some RZA-like production with nonsensical raps, while the latter lightly jabs at dpz’s self righteousness. What She’s Mature really becomes is 21 tracks of nonsense. Whether you dig the nonsense or not depends on your brand of humor.

   “I’m from America/I wear Nikes/Y’all from over there/Y’all make Nikes” is a sample of the tongue in cheek sarcasm that can be found on She’s Mature courtesy of “Hola Plastique”. Some cynical heads may laugh at that line, while others may be slightly offended, but when it follows up with “I’m from America/n*gger I’m the bomb/Y’all from over there/Y’all just get bombed”, then the joke has gone too far for most.

    Save for a few songs (“Cambodia”, featuring a vigorous Ghostface verse for instance), She’s Mature is a bungle of an album.  It ends up being an extended, tasteless joke that lasts 2 minutes too long.  It’s one of those things where the listener may catch the joke, and giggle, and then realize that it’s not as funny as Plastic Little thinks it is.

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