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27 February, 2007@12:00 am

   Canadian artist K-Os is much more an “artist”, than just an “emcee”. It’s hard to pigeonhole an artist as being simply a rapper, an emcee or a singer. K-Os is one of the few people that can be deemed as all three. He’s one of those people that can break down musical barriers and have you rethinking what type of music you like. He’s very similar to universal artists like Gnarls Barkley, Lauryn Hill and Mos Def, who have expanded what a hip hop artists can do musically. The only difference with K-Os is that he hasn’t been presented under a large spotlight as of yet. Hopefully with his third solo album, Atlantis, people will take notice.

    After Joyful Rebellion and Exit, many who slept and weren’t too sure of K-Os’ talent were wide eyed and bushy tailed to the caliber of music that Kheaven Brereton can create. He is simply that good of an artist. Atlantis continues in this trend, although it is less Hip Hop than Joyful Rebellion, yet a great piece of musical work nonetheless.

   Take “Sunday Morning” as an example of great music. The groovy guitars, tambourines and handclaps are the perfect formula for a smash single. K-Os takes the track by the horns and delivers with the calmness of a pop hit but energized and artistic integrity of an individual who cares about his craft. What K-Os does is sound good. He doesn’t make you squirm when trying to hit notes that are out of his range, he doesn’t try….he just does. And the results are more than adequate.  The reggae tinged guitars of “Mirror In The Sky” and the somber chords and harmonies of “Highway 7″ are all layered with K-Os’ vocal chords for numerous shining moments on the album.

    Unfortunately, K-Os doesn’t rhyme much on this album at all. With the exception of a few songs like the B-Boy vibes of “Electrik Heat”, K-Os demonstrates his ability to rhyme. This may leave some fans in the dust as many aren’t going to be ready for an album full of singing. But as the listener cruises the distance of Atlantis, one will realize that this is the album that K-Os wanted to create, and there’s not much wrong with that…. is there?

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