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27 February, 2007@12:00 am

Is this the year of the return of the Wu?  Quite possibly, with The Clan’s The 8 Diagrams dropping on SRC, Gza dropping his Babygrande LP this year, and the much anticipated “Cuban Linx II” on Aftermath, could it be ’94 all over again?   Who knows in this day and time, but one thing is for certain, Bronze Nazareth and company have a little something to say about.  You might remember Bronze Nazareth from his “Great Migration” LP that dropped late 2006, but you didn’t know he has a whole crew behind him.  Enter The Wisemen, a 4 man tandem of producers and emcees who debut album “Wisemen Approaching” drops February 27th.   Get to know these cats because the year of the Wu is just beginning.

HHS: What up fellas? Bronze we interviewed you back before “The Great Migration” dropped, what’s been going on since then?

Bronze Nazareth:  Just keeping the work steady, keeping the fire lit. The group ended up signing a deal and we are keeping it running.

Why don’t you all introduce yourselves, where you are from, how long  you have been in the game and how you met up to form Wisemen.

Bronze Nazareth: Wu Fam, Wisemen, man of many hats.

Phillie:  aka Phillioso, eye of the fire, focus and intensity.

Kevlaar 7:  reppin’ gunrule and Detroit city. The Muthafukin Superhero of the hood.

Salute:   The muthafuckin Kid’ wiseman from the projects.

So who is the rapper by heart and who is the producer by heart?

Bronze Nazareth: Both by heart, it’s in my soul. I love writing though, more rewarding because it’s more challenging.

Kevlaar 7:  Emceeing is my first love. Beatmaking is me letting out the inner Stevie Wonder Muthafuckin Kevlaar Wonder. Hahahahahahaha!!

Phillie:  Emceeing, I got a way with words.

Salute:   Emceeing, I haven’t jumped on the boards yet…plus I have to let loose these thoughts.

You are all from Detroit if I’m not mistaken, do you feel Detroit is finally getting the respect it deserves?

Phillie:  NOPE. Let me tell you why.  Ni**as like us who go the other route, aren’t in abundance here it’s a lot of followers.

Bronze Nazareth: We get respect but not fully, because there’s crazy talent here but we have to come with that true art. Not the same shit the rest of the country is running over, you have to be original with talent to go beyond local.

How influential was the late J. Dilla (R.I.P.) on each of you as lovers of hip-hop and producers?

Bronze Nazareth: He’s a legend in this area, and always built greatness RIP, he always had hard drums so whenever I heard something of his; I tuned in to see what his drums were sounding like.

Kevlaar 7:  Man I LOVE that dude man. Ni**a is a legend. Loved him from Slum Village to Tribe to Busta to Ghost. Rest in peace, Dilla.

What is each of your weapons of choice when it comes to making tracks?

Bronze Nazareth: ASR-10, MPC, Korg Triton, and whatever is in the studio.  I also use Cool Edit and of course Pro Tools. Nothing exciting, I think the creative mind is your best production tool.

Kevlaar 7:  We use the same shit really…

The album “Wisemen Approaching” drops on the 27th, what is considered the first single and how did you decide on that one?

Salute:   We were going to use “Associated” w/ the Gza, but the timing didn’t work out for us as far as scheduling and shit. So we picked “Iconoclasts” featuring my man Vast Aire.  The label felt it was a classic head banger, so we went with it.

Phillie:  Its street heat!

We know some of the guests, but break it down for us.   Who did you enjoy working with the most?

Bronze Nazareth: We got Vast Aire, Planet Asia, Gza, Prodigal Sun, Killah Priest, some underground legends…it was a blessing to hear these talented voices on my joints. I love working with Vast Aire, he’s just a real ni**a, not on no fronting type shit he’s real down to earth and the ni**as ill.

Salute:   My ni**a Vast is the coolest mufucka!

Phillie:  It was a blessing to work with Gza for me.

Kevlaar 7:  Shout out to Vast Aire!! Let’s work!

Bronze, you have been a part of the Wu-Tang family for quite sometime now, do you feel 2007 is the year of the Wu.  With a Gza album dropping on Babygrande and Cuban Linx II finally seeing the light of day, feels like 94 all over again.

Bronze Nazareth: Is it the Wu year? ’07?  Look at the numbers. Look at the heat that’s coming this year. There will be at least 3 classic Wu Albums this year.

Sales wise?

Bronze Nazareth: Sales don’t matter anymore, nobody selling too much of anything, so we going to get to the point where you have to make quality again instead of a quick hits like these cats on TV.  The tables are turning.

Have any of you submitted or been selected to be a part of either project?

Bronze Nazareth: Nah I haven’t had a chance. But there’s still work to be done so I’m reaching out.

You all seem to have bright futures a head of you, who would you like work with coming up in the near future and what are your upcoming projects?

Phillie:  Nas, AZ, and Gza again

Bronze Nazareth: I want to work with Bobby Womack, Saigon, Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T, Nas, I could keep listing them man…but I have some joints on Gza, Wu Indie 2 and we also have more heat coming from King’s Row (what up B!)

Kevlaar 7:  Nas, AZ, Mos Def, Papoose, Saigon, and Rakim Allah.

Thanks for your time? last words?

Phillie:  Yeah cop the Wisemen album, February 27th!!!! After you hear it, you won’t mind having spent your cash on it.

Bronze Nazareth: We are going to bring back the days when you can just buy the album with out hearing snippets because you know its going be heat. Thanks to Darin Gloe and for the opportunity. Follow us. Peace to all.

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