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11 April, 2007@12:00 am

    Remember when Tha Dogg Pound went stomped through NYC and kicked over buildings with Snoop on “New York New York”? Or how about Daz and Kurupt’s memorable verses on The Chronic and Doggystyle? Those were the days right? Since Death Row is no more, it has been difficult for Daz and Kurupt to reclaim that magic that made them some of the hottest commodities on the West Coast.  Trials and tribulations over the past decade have prevented the DPG from reminding doubters that they were the illest west coast tandem in Hip Hop during the early and mid nineties. So as we enter 2007, Daz and Kurupt are back to reclaim what is theirs with Dogg Chit.

      It appears that Tha Dogg Pound has slid back into their comfort zone which means rapping about bitches, hoes, mo’ bitches and even mo’ hoes. Nothing really diverse here. But the problem with Dogg Chit is that this is just way too dated, too lame, not to mention  totally lacking the production impact that drove those poignant “bitches ain’t shit” lyrics home over a decade ago.
On the bright side, “It’z A Good Ass Day” is a refreshing summer jam. Nothing potent lyrically, but a breezy beat that carries Kurupt and Daz along. The hook is dull, but you can look past that this one time (more on that later). Aside from the explicit title of “Pull Ya Drawz Down”, Snoop joins his old Cali brethren to romp around like they used to. Game joins in on the evil “Anybody Killa” to steal the show from Daz and Kurupt. But enough of the bright moments, as the rest of this album is actually pretty bad.

     As dope of an emcee Kurupt can be, on Dogg Chit he seems to regress considerably. Daz has always been style over substance but Kurupt has always commanded both. His only issue was directing the angst in his lyrics to make sense out of something more than chicks gobbling dicks (Dr. Dre’s “Explosive”, anyone?). But here he abandons anything lyrically compelling in favor of the “good ol days” of shit talking. It just isn’t what you really want from Kurupt when you know the kid can spit.

    The content on Dogg Chit is nothing remotely new and can seriously wear thin on anybody’s nerves in this day and age. Daz & Kurupt can’t honestly expect that their old audience still want to hear about guns and hoes like its 1994 all over again. Can they? They must because everything on this album wreaks of the same early 90′s flavor, but just not as good as they did it a decade ago.

    The putrid hook of “Can’t Get Enough” (“I can’t get enough of your tongue in my pussy”) is laugh out loud horrible and one cannot understand what in the hell made these guys come up with this idea for a hook.  Just when you thought the ignorance couldn’t get any worse, “Dat Ain’t My Baby” comes on to almost (read: almost) wipe out the memory of “Can’t Get Enough”.  This hook is just as bad when Daz and some hoodrat go back and forth saying “Bitch That Ain’t My Baby/Nigga That Is Your Baby/He Looks Just Like You/Bitch You Must Be Crazy”. Seriously….where’s the laugh track to go with this nonsense. To make matters worse, a syrupy backdrop accompanies it so it almost looks like a smoothed out track. Alas, it’s not.

    Dogg Chit wreaks of the album title. This is flat out a bad album. Even more so because we know that DPG can make better music than this. Instead we get some cheap rhymes, cheaper beats and even cheaper song titles. This may be the end of the line for these California emcees.

  Mixtape D.L.
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