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7 June, 2007@12:00 am

    The Snowgoons consist of four members:Det, DJ Illegal, Torben and DJ Waxwork. Although the four man crew has been steadily making noise in their respective hometowns, it is with their first release of German Lugers that they smash onto the US underground circuit. With a title like German Lugers, you would expect the team to bring a full clip of rawness. Too bad they fall a few bullets short.

     German Lugers starts off with a bang. “Heads Ar Tails” featuring Chief Kamachi, Virtuoso and Jus Allah starts off with a cascading sped up soul sample in to menacing piano keys and Chief Kamachi’s raspy voice. Kamachi, as always, kills it with dark rants of “angels with dirty wings” and Virtuoso follows with menace in his voice reppin’ the Bean to the fullest. As well as the track is going, it quickly disintegrates into mediocrity with Jus Allah’s recycled verses. Can we get some new lyrics from this guy? The next track “Who What When Where” is dope, but has also been previously released on Majik Most’s album. Celph and Majik both murder the track, but give us something new. “Never” with Reef the Lost Cauze follows and Reef does what he always does, rip the track to shreds. Again Reef proves why he is one of the hungriest cats in the game with lyrics like “stop getting ya words tangledfuck around and just get ya whole earth mangledyou be the first strangledi’ll come to ya show,beat you down and then kill it at ya merch table”. Reef is definitely a problem.

   The next joint up featuring Sean Price, Jus Allah and Doujah Raze is one of the strongest posse cuts this album contains. “Gunz” is an ode to all situations surrounding, you guessed it, guns. Sean Price murders his sixteen and stays true to his mantra of letting his knuckle game do the speaking, Jus Allah kills it with a sixteen from the viewpoint of a burner and Doujah follows up nicely with a lesson in lyrical dexterity. Combing those verses with a menacing beat with nice vocal cuts and you got yourself a sure fire banger.

   Unfortunately here is when the album starts to falter. A decent track from Wise Intelligent, but the beat falters greatly, especially when compared to its predecessors. Mediocre joints from West Coast vets living Legends and MED fail to get the listener involved, or even to create a necessity to bob your head. The tracks just seem to fall short and don’t exactly match up the emcees spit game. For instance take Born Unique. One of the nicest coming out of Bad News VA, is served up a faltering track that just doesn’t compare well to the cadence and overall ruggedness of the Unique one.

   Although German Lugers has moments of promise, their combination of too many emcees and faltering tracks leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately this Luger falls a few bullets short, but gives you just enough to desire to wait for the next product. Let’s hope the next one packs a bigger punch.

  Mixtape D.L.
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