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The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man is MF Grimm’s follow up to his 2006 triple album epic American Hunger. Since being released from prison after a three year stint, Grimm has been one of the most productive MC’s this decade.  His new album is a full length concept album based on one of the better songs from American Hunger called “The Gingerbread Man”.  Last year MF Grimm was clearly focused as any MC would have to be to put out 61 songs at once but this year he’s turned his focus into straight anger.

After the intro he opens with the album titled song filled with samples and a menacing horns Grimm lays down the tone to come on his new album.  He follows with “Head in the Clouds”, a song that’s later remixed as a bonus to the end of the album.  Both versions are solid but the bonus track belongs on the album proper.  The remix combines a strong horn sample and Method Man vocal sample with Grimm’s fierce lyrics.

The biggest problem with this album is that Grimm comes across as fierce and angry and his beats fail to live up to his voice.  That said, the sound is definitely of New York, it’s certainly dark and has got a Wu-Tang feel going for it. “The Fox” is another solid track with a menacing piano line while it’s hard not to imagine “The Fox” being MF Doom as Grimm says “the Fox tried to eat Gingybread”.

The album hits it’s stride with “My House”,  “Earth”, and “Gangsta Pastries” all hitting the mark.  Grimm lays it out dropping “Direct connect the world is mine, check my stats my word is bond.” With over 70 tracks dropping in the last two years MF Grimm has the world in his grasp and isn’t letting up. – Dane Johnson

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