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16 January, 2008@10:48 pm

Pittsburgh is not known for being a hip-hop metropolis, but unknown to many outside of the city, Pittsburgh has a strong hip-hop scene.  One notable artist hailing from the Steel City is Pittsburgh Slim.  Pittsburgh Slim, or “Slimmie” as he likes to affectionately call himself, was influenced by an eclectic and wide range of artists, from AC/DC to Jay Z.  In fact, it wasn’t until Hova himself heard the frat boy favorite “Girls Kiss Girls” that Slim’s dreams were realized and he signed a multi-album deal with Def Jam.  Sadly, the product of this newfound venture is Tastemaker, which for all intents and purposes is just down right horrible.

Mainly this album lacks substance.  The subject matter is predominately made up of female obsessions and ramblings of how fly Slim is.  To make matters worst, the mediocre production only adds to the litany of what is wrong with this EP.  And if you are looking for an example of this, take your pick of any track.  Evidence of this is seen on the monotonous “Toy,” the annoying “Girls Kiss Girls,” and the poor choice “Break My Stride” sampled “Sunrays” featuring Sony Cheeba of Camp Lo.

All in all, the only thing that Pittsburgh Slim proves is that he is nothing more than a product of overzealous cross-marketing ambitions.  By trying to appeal to many different demographics, he does not live up to his potential or at least to that of a decent artist.  Hopefully on his next outing Slim can make up for past indiscretions by releasing a more substantive album. If not, maybe renegotiations are in order. – Ryan Harrison

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