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25 April, 2008@3:31 am

When you hear the name Flo-Rida you think of his club-smash “Low” and for the most part you are going to be right.  With the certified anthem featuring the always entertaining T-Pain, Flo-Rida has either been dubbed the 2008 (even though “Low” came out late ’07) Young MC or he might have some talent.  Mail On Sunday, proves the latter, with key words being “some talent”.  In this day and age, if anything major label makes it to this critic’s radar it must be somewhat worth listening to.

But does Flo Rida really have more than just one hit? The album starts off as all albums from the south seem to start off over the last 4 years with the Lil Wayne guest appearance on “American Superstar”.  Here, unfortuantely, Wayne does little to live up to his reputation as the greatest emcee in the world.  “American Superstar” and “Act Like You Know” are your typical synth drenched 808 garbage, with no lyrical value. But, what we find so appealing about Flo-Rida as an emcee is that he can ride over the up tempo tracks so much better than your average commercial rapper.  “Elevator” an outstanding Timbaland produced club banger and “Roll” which features the 2008 Nate Dogg himself, Sean Kingston, both will keep jeeps bumping all summer long.

By this time a pattern is forming, Flo-Rida plus guest appearance equals Top 40 gold.  This trend will continue with the new single “In the Ayer” featuring and produced by Will.I.Am and for the young’ns who want to tear up the club “Don’t Know How to Act” will start just as many riots as “Neva Eva” did in 2004.  In his defense, Flo-Rida can hold his own especially when he’s speaking to the ladies.  On “Ms Hangover”, he tells a nice story over a JR Rotem track reminiscing about the previous night’s escapade with one of the female gender. “Me and U” reincarnates the Roger Troutman voice box effect, sliding nicely over new comer DJ Frank E on the boards.

Mail on Sunday is not without its pitfalls and when he falls, he falls hard.  The aforementioned “American Superstar” is awful, along with the terrible cupcake song “Freaky Deaky” featuring Trey Songz.  “Priceless” has a nice track produced by Hitboy and Chase N Cash, but a ooor performance from Birdman takes it from a 6 to a 2.  “Money Right” featuring the Poe Boy line up of Rick Ross and Brisco is more of the same talk of money, cars, girls and jewelry.

Overall, Flo-Rida has put out an album that is on the 6 month forgettable list.  Not so much Young MC, but for him to really set himself apart from the slew of southern rappers is going to take a lot more than what Mail on Sunday has to offer. -Darin Gloe

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