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5 November, 2008@6:41 am

It is clearly evident that the economy is in dire straights.  With record breaking home foreclosures, unemployment rising, and not to mention fluctuating gas prices, it is obvious that things are bleak.  So this seems to have trickled into the hip-hop world by that now your favorite baller is even feeling the pinch.  This is reflected in the new release of Young Jeezy’s latest LP, The Recession, an album that addresses these points but unfortunately not straying far from materialism, which makes the album come off uneven with varying viewpoints.

The Recession begins beautifully with “The Recession (the Intro).”  Over a magnificent DJ Toomp beat, you hear testimonials from the average person trying to make it followed by Jeezy reinforcing the point with clever witty word play.  Later on the album, Mr. 17.5 speaks again on the downside of society on the Kanye West assisted “Put On” that serves not only as a public service announcement, but also as an anthem for the down and out.  But interestingly, Jeezy manages to touch on some topics that he normally wouldn’t as he talks to his critics of his lyrical ability on “Word Play”. He is also found getting quasi political on the Nas featured “My President,” proving that Jeezy is much more than a drug dealing thug, but someone with keen observations with a sound opinion.

But it is the middle of the album where things become disappointing.  If you were already a fan, one would be satisfied for that it is not out the ordinary of what you are used to hearing from Jeezy, but he manages to miss a real opportunity to expand on what he sees to be a tough times, but mixes it poorly with fast living and the same old topics on tracks like “Hustlaz Ambition,” “Amazing,” and “Welcome Back.”  But overall, Jeezy is on the right track proving that the dope boyz finally get it… – RH

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