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13 November, 2008@5:46 am

For years now, Devin has been delighting us with his southern syrupy tales of his way of life, one that consists of lots of weed, drinks, and women.  But this is mainly due to the fact that we all know a “Devin”, some of them are in our families, friends, or if you don’t know, maybe you are that “Devin” that is being referred to, basically someone who is living life on their own terms.  So with his departure from his long time home Rap-A-Lot, The Dude releases Smoke Sessions Vol. 1, a mixtape that bring nothing to the table but the usual “tricks” and treats that our “favorite” emcees usually gives us.

“The Intro” sets the tone as Devin rhymes, ”Walk kinda lympish/Smell kinda hempish/Player type style/With the pen I’m kinda pimpish…” letting the average fan know that right out the gate you are getting what you are looking for, no more no less.  Devin continues only the way he can on tracks like “Getting High,” “She Want Me To Get Closer,” and “Makin’ It Hard.”  But what is most interesting on this album is Devin’s attempt at something different with “Searching” an eerie track of what you experience from a bad trip or prolonged usage of drugs of all types while making you laugh for a strange reason all at the same time.

The only flaw on this mixtape is when some of Devin’s crew try to hold their own on their own song, and being that their subject matter and delivery is so different from the featured artist, their attempts come off uneven and out of place.  But most importantly, aside from new artists and similar to greatest hits compilations, a mixtape cannot be fairly judged since it’s soul purpose is to give their fans material that they would not ordinary be able to retrieve while giving them the gift of more music from their favorite artist, or serving as a liaison to their next project.  And Smoke Sessions Vol. 1 is an example for that the average fan will not be disappointed and waiting or getting his next featured LP. – RH

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