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30 January, 2009@1:38 am

Being a member of a critically acclaimed group, creating a hip-hop masterpiece, and then going on to produce for some of the most notable emcees to ever do it, Large Professor is a staple in the hip-hop community.  It can be argued that many opportunities were missed, Extra P still managed to keep himself relevant with solid projects.  It is unfortunate that it seems as if another missed opportunity has reared its ugly head with Main Source, a well produced album that falls short in the lyrical department.

Overall, the lyrics on this album seem outdated and it can be witnessed on predominately on every track.  This mainly comes in the form of delivery reinforced by making it seem as if Large Professor was rhyming in a time capsule.  Even though the lyrics and subject matter are old fashioned, the production is not.  Musically, this album can stand up to anything to date, but that cannot help it to prevail alone.  The best moments on the album comes when Jeru Tha Damaja, Lil Dap, and Big Noyd rhyme on solo tracks.  This only reinforces the idea that Large Professor is a better producer than emcee.

Depending on how you look at it, this album can be a gift or a curse.  The sad part is that lyrically, it does not live up to what a famed emcee from the golden era of hip hop is capable of, but the production shows that Large Professor can grow well with time.  It is as if there are two Large Professors each moving in a different direction.  If both can get on the same path, maybe the next offering will be different. – RH

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