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30 January, 2009@1:31 am

The times are changing.  With the evolution of internet based music it seems that not only style and substance are enhancing, but just the overall approach to hip-hop in general.  Subject matter is starting to become more diverse while experimentation with production is being heavily explored.  So who are The Knux exactly?  Comprised of brothers Krispy Kream and Rah Al Millio, the Knux hail from New Orleans, whom now reside in Hollywood after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina and landing a deal with Shady Management.  Devoted students of the game, The Knux offer a unique form of expression as exemplified on Remind Me In 3 Days…, a voyage through a typical weekend in the land of stars that is entrenched in stellar production, but with its occasional stumbles, fails to live up to its potential.

The album offers a unique blend of rock, alternative, and hip-hop that sets itself apart from its peers.  “Shine Again” is a dark track that discusses love lost and lost paths in life that showcases the band’s ability to observantly rhyme about trials and tribulations or just about life itself.  “Life in a Cage (Electric)” is very reminiscent of mid 80’s rock mixed with precise scratching and electric melodies that make it a stand out on the LP, while “Hush” is an erotic guitar riffed headknodder that has the listener bouncing along with the each verse. Mainly Remind Me In 3 Days… is a splendid compilation of fused music that at times feels like a breath of fresh air.

While most of the songs are lyrically sound, there are a few moments that hinder the albums achievements.  For example, Krispy Kream has a habit of mentioning his name on every track which after a while becomes annoying.  Not helping are the dated lines that are used with references to Bel Biv Davoe and the movie Face Off.  In addition, the song “Daddy’s Little Girl” is just plain horrible, but most of all, one would think that a group would be more introspective on their debut album and discuss more about their lives and more diverse subject matter, especially being affected by one of the most horrific natural disasters our country has ever seen.

Withstanding its shortcomings, Remind Me In 3 Days… is an impressive debut from a group that definitely has talent.  In no way should its mishaps have any impact on how one views their abilities, but with more structure and concise lyrics there is not telling what heights the Knux can achieve. – RH

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