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And we’re back with another War Report update. Prohibition-Era-Meets-The-Taliban rappers known as Capone-N-Noreaga, are currently putting New York back on the map with their long awaited third studio release, Channel 10.

A little older and a lot wiser, the two have a charismatic chemistry that can only be shared between brothers. CNN keeps it true to the bone, with their notorious hustle hard and dirty cocaine lyrics, but show a maturity in their music and personas that only experience in life can teach.

“Stick Up,” reminds you of why you first fell in love with street life. Capone-N-Noreaga are on a heist gone wrong and dealing with all of the downfalls that come with it. The Biggie-esc cell phone and response a’la, “Warning,” has the two alternating positions in the forefront and in the background. “Mirror,” is about self reflection. Looking in the mirror, CNN sees their younger, former selves. Products of their environment; the struggles that they experienced while growing up, turned them cold hearted and the hustler’s life provided an escape. The counter reflections are older and have seen the error of their ways and no longer struggle as they once did.

“The Argument,” is the highlight of the album. A tale of jealousy and mistrust, Capone-N-Noreaga confront their fallout. While Capone was incarcerated, Noreaga made moves to grow the CNN name and his own career. Spending habits and the fact that one still stays on the block, while the other wants to stay away, are only one of the many differences that erupted between the duo. Sideliners and record executives began to affect their partnership, turning brother against brother. In the end, Noreaga reminds Capone that the release of his first solo album, N.O.R.E. (1998 ), was created to blow the group up. In the end, they reunited and are down for one another, no matter what.

DJ Premier’s production appearance on, “Grand Royal,” is more than welcomed, with a hard-hitting piano and slice-n-dice turntable cuts. Additional guest appearances are made by Busta’ Rhymes, Ron Brownz, Tha Dogg Pound, Maino, Uncle Murda, Mobb Deep, and the Clipse.

The overall motif of the album still has a dark and eerie feeling, with reminiscent Godfather styled violins and melodic harpsichords, but the crooned R&B styled hooks on tracks like, “Beef,” give the album a newer edge, making it able to be played in the club, or out of one speaker on a boombox.

Channel 10, is a personal album. It lets listeners gain greater insight on the personal relationship between the duo, while still staying stone cold QB super thugs. Capone-N-Noreaga have come a long way in their careers and friendship, but still remain two of QB’s finest. – J. Miller-Dean

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