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That creepy looking dude up there is actually what Mariah Carey would look like if she came out a boy. Who knows whether the rumors of Em dating Mariah for six months are true, but as you probably have heard, Mariah’s gone and made a song about her ex-boo, “Obsessed”. Really, Mariah? This actually makes the rumor more believable.

The star of Glitter has taken things even further in the recent video shoot for the song, (perhaps inspired by The Fatties: Fart 2), and is piling on a tad more make-up than her usual share, to look (somewhat) like Eminem.

How will Marshall respond?

a) Destroy her in his usual career-ending dis-track fashion

b) Destroy her in YouTube video in usual cross-dressing fashion

c) Sick 50 on her.

d) Ignore it

Now placing bets. – DJ Pizzo

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