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Gonna let Michelle take the mic again. Go in, Michelle, go in!!!!

“Few albums in recent memory have provided fans and listeners with more media content than Bisco Smith’s The Broadcast. As both an MC and accomplished graphic artist – creating artwork for the likes of RJD2, El-P, Aesop Rock, and more – in addition to a bevy of singles, The Broadcast has allowed Bisco to deliver a series of remixes, all of which he created original artwork for, as well as the recently released video for “Vibrations,” for which Bisco crafted the graphics for the video. Now, Bisco Smith is pleased to release The Broadcast’s final remix effort, “Time Zones,” remixed by producer and long-time collaborator Cassettes Won’t Listen. CWL and Bisco Smith, who have collaborated regularly for nearly a decade, came together for the original version of “Time Zones” as CWL performed the track’s unsettling sung vocals. For the remix, the two reconvened, and as Bisco explains, “J.Vegus, the track’s original producer, and I thought CWL would be the icing on the cake to produce the remix; it worked out perfectly.”

With an edgier feel than the original, as well as prior singles from The Broadcast, the remix steadily builds as pulsing drums and driving piano lines set the stage for hypnotic, effects saturated electric guitar riffs to push the song forward. Although less forceful and effect oriented than the original, the track’s rhythm remains commanding with verses rearranged and echoing sampled vocals over the chorus adding to the more prevalent rock elements of the track. The chorus cuts to guitar and sporadic drums as an echoing Bisco raps, “I got my eye on this clock / Keep watching time / These days seem crazy / We lost our mind / Full speed ahead while it passes by / Twenty-four seven / Three six five.” Fixated on time, Bisco’s lines mimic the pace of the track to maximize each instant, resulting in another outstanding and boundary pushing effort from Bisco’s latest, The Broadcast.

Look out for Bisco Smith and CWL’s next project, Freeze Tag, hitting the airwaves soon.”

Bisco Smith – “Time Zones” (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix) (MP3)

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