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Buck 65 and D-Sisive and joined together to form The Ricardo Christoff Apparatus, and will release an album called The 100 Story Building via Urbnet Records. The concept of the album? To write songs about your life. Or your friends. Or enemies, even. How does it work? The duo will be taking submissions from the fans in the form of stories – actual things that happened to them or someone they know – and then will pick the best entries and… wait for it … TURN THEM INTO SONGS. Yes, you can be almost, almost famous, in a way. You’ll be able to casually drop things into conversation like, “Yeah, that Ricardo Christoff song, ‘Peppermint Footlotion Handjob’, is actually based on something that happened to me….’ at swanky dinner parties and the like.

In all actuality, each song will be named after the person who the story is about. According to the group, the story should be “funny, strange, tragic, inspiring, epic” or all of the above. They’ll pick their favorites, and soon everyone will know about that time you got caught masturbating to Chun Li’s perfectly rendered ass, on pause. By grandma. While listening to Winger. Enter to win! Send your greatest story ever told to and leave the rest to them.

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