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Tim Westwood sounds the alarm on reports that 50 cent’s next LP, Black Magic, maybe “more dance” based, as we reported here yesterday. In a hilarious interview, Westwood is on the edge of his seat as 50 explains the creative process for his next record.

TW: “I need to put this to bed, and I didn’t really sleep well last night when I heard the news, but you are putting out some TECHNO tracks??!?” DON’T DO IT 50, STAY IN YOUR LANE!

50: Nah, I got a joint that I did that was like…. real uptempo.’

TW: Uptempo in a happy Flo Rida…?

50: Nah, nah it’s a different type of vibe. It’s still 50 Cent on the record.

TW: Are you sure….There’s no, Dave Gutherie [David Guetta - editor] or whatever the dude’s called….No funny stuff?

50: Nah,’s official. You hear the record and you’ll feel completely different about what I’m sayin’. You know what I did, my Black Magic album….

TW: Yes..!?!?

50: …I’ve been listening to a lot of different kind of music. I just want to create something out of the box, something that ain’t the same style of music. I’m just using different style of music, like….I’ll write a rap song in the sequence of a different kind of record…

TW: Okay….I don’t quite follow what you’re saying, but I’m working with it…

50: Okay, R&B records may have 8 bar verses and bridges with the actual chorus…

TW: Exactly!

50: And the traditional hip-hop record has three 16 bar verses.

TW: Correct!

50: To write it in a different format instead of writing it the way the traditonal rap record is written. Still hip-hop music, still 50 Cent content, just written in a different way.

Listen to the entire show online here.

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