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Revenue Retrievin: Night Shift is the second piece of E-40’s double album, double release. As explained by E-40 himself, Night Shift is based more around “things that happen at night”. It can loosely be described as a concept album, with the majority of the tracks being more club than street. As with Revenue Retrievin: Day Shift, this album comes in at a heavy nineteen tracks. We’re not sure if 40 intended for this to happen or not, but, it feels like the second part of a movie after the intermission. The listener gets a different feeling as the album begins.

Night Shift starts with the 808 and clap infused “Over the Stove”, a nice lead in track and 40 does well in taking us into the Night Shift. As it continues, the album moves into the dope “Nice Guys”. The song is contagious, with the quintessential E-40 vibe and catchy hook. Though maybe not a ringtone track (thankfully), the hook is infectious and gets stuck in the listeners head. As Night Shift continues, it’s obvious that 40 Water is following the same blueprint that Day Shift was crafted with. “Can’t Stop the Boss” is a predictable collabo with Too Short and Snoop, produced by Jazze Pha. The track has an obvious Jazze Pha vibe, as he supplies the hook. While not game changing, it’s catchy enough to probably get regular rotation. Too short lends another verse on the Droop-E produced “Show Me What U Workin’ Wit’”, another catchy, sure fire radio cut. “How I’m Feeling Right Now” and Knock ‘Em Down Music” keep Night Shift going strong as it moves along.

As we reach the halfway point Feezy drops “Stilettos & Jeans” featuring Bobby V. (formerly Valentino). As much as we wanted to hate this song, it’s actually not that bad. It works as another summer radio track that will satisfy the female contingent. “He’s a Gangsta” rounds the first half of Night Shift, nicely.
The second half of Night Shift starts off on a bad foot with the forgettable “Spend the Night” and Wet”. Both are definite filler tracks, which the listener can skip without missing anything. As with Day Shift, the listener hits a wall as the album passes its midpoint. “Trained to Go”, while decent, does not raise the energy and Night Shift lags a bit as it moves on. After a few ho-hum tracks, the energy level is finally raised with “More Bass, More Treble”, a Yay area banger. Sadly, Fonzarelli doesn’t follow up with another high energy track to keep the album going. The aptly named and god awful: “Ahhhh Shit!” follows, leaving the listener thoroughly disappointed. The only real standout of the second half of Night Shift is the track “Power Up” featuring Keak da Sneak & San Quinn. Night Shift really never continues its strong start as it drops filler after filler with “Turn Up the Music”, “Prepared” and the terrible, slap-your-ho anthem: “Attention” featuring Dru Down and Suga Free. As it ends with “The Server” and “Let Go & Let God”, Night Shift, becomes more of a chore due to the overloaded track list.

Revenue Retrievin: Night Shift is a classic example of trying to do too much. Though the first half is strong and the album has at least ten strong tracks, 40 Water could have cut out a big chunk of the filler songs to make a tighter and stronger album. It’s a good listen, but Night Shift is definitely the weaker of the two Revenue Retrievin releases and 40 doesn’t really need the overtime.

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