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Seems like everyone moved their release dates around to make sure they weren’t competing with a little old artist named B.o.B. and his Atlantic Records / Grand Hustle debut, The Adventures of Bobby Ray. Atlantic’s direct deal preorder packages are done with, so let’s see where the best place to cop this album is……

Itunes – $11.99: The Apple edition includes two bonus tracks, “Letters From Vietnam” and “I See Ya”, as well as two bonus videos, which include an interview and “Nothin’ On You”.

Target – $9.99: Target’s edition is offering pretty much the same thing you get at Itunes, but in a physical sense. The Target edition includes a 30 minute bonus DVD, which we assume is the interview and “Nothin’ On You” video, same as Itunes. It also included two bonus tracks, which are not listed on the website, but we assume are also “Letters From Vietnam” and “I See Ya”, as the two companies have partnered and are cross promoting one another.

Verdict: Target, hands down. Sorry Itunes, but Target’s got you beat on price, and you get to keep the disc. How this slipped past the suits, we don’t know. HHS Adventures Of Bobby Ray album review coming later this week…..

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