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Interdependent Media founder TRUTHLiVE looks to make a name for himself with Patience, an open, honest debut album produced entirely by Jake One. Hot off the heels of Jake’s critically acclaimed Stimulus Package with Freeway, TRUTH has got a cocked eyebrow or two looking in his direction with this release.

TRUTH’s debut is one that pay homage to the golden age of hip-hop, yet without trying to sound “retro”. His sentiment is one that is shared by many longtime listeners of the genre – that of the sickened, tired fan. The album is used as a platform to get many frustrations off his chest, touching upon a variety of topics. The strongest track is the reflective “Remind Rewind”, where he thinks back to where he was at mentally 12 years ago – walkman headphones bumping Hiero and Planet Asia – and how it applies to his career today. Another standout track is “It’s Easy”, which examines the cruelty of school children, while “The Bush Years” looks back at the worst eight year period the U.S. had faced in decades. While touching upon a number of similar conspiracy theories we’ve heard from the likes of Non-Phixion and Ill Bill, it does seem a little irrelevant at this point, when we’ve got worse problems in politics at the moment (and that’s not necessarily a slam at the Obama administration, by the way).

That being said, it seems a bit evidence that this material could be a bit dated. Producer Jake One has come a long way in the last few years, and tracks like “That Dude” and “Patience” seem a bit behind compared to his newer material. But while the production may be lacking at times, TRUTH keeps it interesting and topical. Another standout track is “Digital Courage”, where he calls out internet thugs and Twit-critics for hiding behind the safe confines of a computer screen.

All in all, TRUTHLiVE has a solid, yet not earth shattering debut. It’s evident that the album is long work of progress, showing plenty of potential and room to grow. With a palette of strong projects on the way from Interdependent Media, this is only the beginning.

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