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24 May, 2010@9:41 pm

Phonte recently opened up to The Onion AV Club’s longtime hip-hop contributor Nathan Rabin about his forthcoming solo LP.

AVC: What can you say about your solo album?

PC: I started it last year, and I kind of got into it, but once we got nominated for the Grammy, I was like, “Okay, fuck a solo album, this shit can wait. The focus is on Foreign Exchange right now. Fuck it, let’s hit them with another record.” Me and Nic had already started working on the new record anyway, but then once the Grammy shit happened, it was like, “Okay. It’s mostly hip-hop; I’m going to get back to my MCing more.” I’m still going to have some singing on it, as well, but mainly it will be hip-hop this go-around, with some singing mixed in. Ideally, I would like to make a record that shows all of my influences, from the hip-hop to the R&B stuff. I want my solo record to be a one-stop shop. If you’ve heard a lot about Little Brother and you’ve heard a lot about Foreign Exchange, but you’re not really knowing about me, you can pick up my solo record and that can bring you up to speed about who Phonte is and what he does.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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