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31 July, 2010@5:28 am

I remember when “Hustlin’” came out in 2006. It was a big baller / drug dealer anthem that would inspire these types to stand on tables at the club and frivolously toss money around. What we didn’t know at that time is who Rick Ross was, or how big of an artist he would eventually become. Def Jam sent out these picture disc Port Of Miami sampler vinyls to deejays, along with long white tees featuring the same drawn image of Ross’ big ass head.

I just remember opening the package and being like “look at this fuckin’ guy”. I thought the concept of a dude cutting out a drawing of his own head and putting in a circular pattern on vinyl was ridiculous; just about as ridiculous as anyone wearing the giant white tee with the same drawing of Ross’ head on it. In pure silliness, I ended up giving the t-shirt to an indie rock loving friend that knows nothing about hip-hop as a gag gift (his response as he held it up and examined it: “that is niiiiice”), and I kept the vinyl based on it’s sheer audacity. Considering I (somehow) actually like the new Rick Ross album, I’m glad that I did.

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