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GLC tells us:

This is my 1st single off my forthcoming album, “Love, Life & Loyalty” due out 10-12-10! It is definitely an honor bringing quality music to my believers! To have a record with Bun B & Sir Mix-A-Lot is a true blessing. Bun was all in from the jump but there is a story behind bringing the great Mix-A-Lot out of retirement.

My man Xcel did the beat & @ the time he’d sampled “Posse On Broadway.” Kanye heard the record & gave his stamp of approval as he & Pimp Glitter sprinkled a lil pimp glitter on the beat. We got up with Mix-A-Lot & his manager Ricardo & they were some of the coolest OG players that a player has conversed with! They decided that they wouldn’t clear the sample, instead Mix-A-Lot would feature on the record as well as the video & they showed a young player love!

  Mixtape D.L.
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