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4word affiliate Bobby Konders calls Nastee to explain what type of song needs to be recorded for them to get a hit. As Nastee and decide to play a few throwback “Street Fighter” rounds they are thrust into the world of animated video games, taking on the identities of Ryu and Sagat. They unite with the rest of the squad, Dakota as E. Honda, Malice as Balrog and Bobby Konders as Akuma and move 4word to fight the forces of evil. Their adversaries are Bison (the Nazi), Blanka (the Reptillian), Zangief (the Russian) and Guile (the Amerikkkan) who incidentally have taken Dhalsim and put him in jail. The Union fights against the forces of evil, battling across the globe, from the jail house to the White House only to find themselves stuck in this animated, Street Fighter world. How will they get back to the ummmmm…errrrr.. “real” world? Watch and find out!!!

This episode also features the song “Make Rume” featuring VT Union’s Dakota & Nastee, Malice from Clipse and Bobby Konders (Hot97 NYC).

  Mixtape D.L.
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