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7 October, 2010@2:05 am

Where press photos went to die. What you see above here is a rare image of the legendary HipHopSite.Com bathroom, which was connected to the mailroom at the old retail homebase at 4700 S. Maryland Pkwy in Las Vegas. Some highlights:

1) Completely defaced Benzino press picture, which included rosey red cheeks, a swastika on his forehead, a devil’s goatee, dainty eyelashes, and numerous cuss words written all over the photo. And of course, “sucks!” after his name.

2) DMX photo with snoopy ears and hound’s nose added with black Sharpie marker. Noises of “woof”, “arf”, “grrrrr”, and “bow wow wow” as well.

3) Numerous pictures of mailroom superstar / celebrity deejay, Five, as he was making a name for himself around town.

4) An 12″ single of unknown origin called “It Stinks In Here” tacked right above the toilet.

5) A photo of Kool Keith as Black Elvis, with some of his best lyrics written around it.

Not pictured:

1) Defaced life-size Method Man cardboard cutout with clown nose drawn on.

2) Various magazine ads for Sandbox Automatic. (Does anyone have scans of these?)

3) Mop bucket with “M.O.P.” sticker affixed to it.

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