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The story goes like this. Once upon a time, a man named Renato Carosone wrote a song called “Tu Vuo’ Fa’ L’Americano“. Then, a group called Yolando Be Cool came along and sampled it the track, creating a massive club smash called “We No Speak Americano”. Then, house producer Alvaro remixed Yolando Be Cool’s remake for a bootleg version for the clubs. Then, Pitbull rapped over what sounds like Alvaro’s remix, and shot a video for it. However the producer credit was given to Nicolas Fasano, who produced similar house remakes for Pit, including “Calle Ocho”. In the above video, Alvaro explains that the original mix was jacked from him, without credit. Alvaro doesn’t seem too mad, but more or less what’s to be given credit where credit is due. How many people have to be paid when an official remake-of-a-remix-of-a-remake-of-a-remix drops?

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