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Due January 18th on vinyl, via Year Round Records. Preem says:

So…….I should have released this one a while ago, but I thought that these tracks would find a home somewhere with vocals of some kind attached to it…..Oh well, no big deal….I always will make more and more and more beats…I LOVE THIS GAME ! Volume 2 has a few old potential Gang Starr tracks that we never used back in 1993 for our “Hard To Earn” LP, but they were not better than the ones that made the cut….since they sound dated next to my style of production in the 2000 era, now YOU have it….And don’t 4get the BONUS cut at the end of the LP which I will continue to add only to these releases……Much Love to all of the supporters of Vol. 1 and especially all of the MC’s that sent versions spittin’ lyrics over them for demos, mixtape CD’s, and freestyling on radio mixshows…..I actually forgot to add some ill beats that I had intended for Vol. 2, so that means Vol. 3 will be next…….Year Round Records will ALWAYS keep the Vinyl Alive and QUALITY will NEVER be compromised….. NOD YA HEADS 2 THIS !!! – DJ Premier

Who will be the first reputable rapper to craft an album over this LP?

1. John T. (Produced By: DJ Premier)
2. Ch-Ching (Produced By: DJ Premier)
3. Dots (Produced By: DJ Premier)
4. Doomp Doomp Doomp (Produced By: DJ Premier)
5. Stylesss (Produced By: DJ Premier)
6. Epic-ishh (Produced By: DJ Premier)
7. Beautiful (Produced By: DJ Premier)
8. Change (Produced By: DJ Premier)
9. Live Pro (Produced By: DJ Premier)
10. I Don’t Know (Produced By: DJ Premier)
11. Late Night (Produced By: DJ Premier)
12. N.Y.S.O.M. #20 (Produced By: DJ Premier)

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