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31 March, 2011@2:06 am

Exclusive in-depth interview with Yelawolf. In part 1 of this interview Nick Huff Barili asks Yelawolf whom he had more fun touring with B.o.B or Wiz Khalifa? You will have to watch for the answer but we will tell you that B.o.B was on Yelawolf first mix tape ever on a song called “Run”, which we play a snippet of during the interview. In the middle of Wolf talking about Wiz Khalifa a couple fans stop by and ask him for an autograph, since no one had a pen they end up taking a shot together. Side note the interview took place on a side walk in Austin, TX during SXSW and every couple seconds fans would walk by and want to talk to the man. It is easy to see from his interactions with them that Yelawolf truly cares about his fans. Back to the interview…Nick mentions that every time he hears I WISH that he wonders about the motivation behind that song and if Yelawolf had to deal with a lot of people saying he is not Hip Hop. You can tell this is a subject Yelawolf has had to deal with all his life by his answer. Yelawolf goes in on the topic and when he is done you can’t help but feel what he is saying, weather you are from a big city or a small town!

  Mixtape D.L.
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