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“There is not an adjective to describe how I work, hard is not enough brother, I’m tougher.” – Curren$y “The Day”

That line pretty much sums up the career of Curren$y so far. There really isn’t a word to describe this man’s work ethic. His catalog from just this past year is probably deeper than most rappers entire career discographies, and there isn’t an end in sight for him. With the ability to produce a mix tape whenever he pleases, he also tends to secure album releases like it’s nothing. Which brings us right into his latest commercial release, his much-anticipated Muscle Car Chronicles.

Originally set to be released in early 2011, fans saw this project placed on the shelf for unknown reasons, and while that would have halted many, Curren$y continued to drop plenty of projects regardless. Whatever the reason, the long delayed project has made its way to fans and Spitta takes us on a ride worth the wait.

Kicking things off is “Soundbombin”, which showcases Spitta at his best. Not straying from his usual subject matter of weed, women, and fast cars, he makes the redundant topics sound completely refreshing. His smooth delivery compliments his braggadocio rhymes, which lets him cruise all over tracks like “N.O. Shit”, “Razors and Chopsticks”, and “This Strange Life”. “Bout It ‘11” is a nice ode to his former No Limit soldier days for those that may of forgotten, or were unaware of to begin with. He does a nice job of flipping the classic track in a way that only Spitta Andretti could.

Lack of depth is the only real flaw on the project. However despite the lack of content, Curren$y manages to go outside of his element on the production side of things. Like past projects, he relies mainly on one producer for this effort, and the result is genius. Folk producer/artist Sean O’Connell handles all of the production duties, and gives the otherwise stale content a fresh soundscape. The result is a Hip Hop album infused with rock and blues elements that make it an enjoyable hybrid. Nothing sounds forced here, and it lets Curren$y rock out at his own leisure.

Despite the cohesiveness of the project, it’s hard to consider this as an album, as it’s only 9 songs deep and barely over 20 minutes in length. It’s great if your looking for something quick to listen to, but the experience leaves you wanting more. Hard to really take it serious when you take that into consideration, but it’s still a solid project.

In the end Muscle Car Chronicles is yet another stellar addition to the forever growing discography of Curren$y. In fact, if it wasn’t for the length, this could easily have been his best project to date. Still, at this point no one expects him to reinvent the wheel, or even switch up his rhymes because it’s what makes him such an intriguing artist to begin with. As long as he continues to keep the masses happy with good quality music, in the large quantity that he produces it, what more can you ask for?

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