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16 March, 2012@7:03 am

One of our favorite instrumentalist artists is back, as Blockhead preps his next LP, Interludes After Midnight, due May 1st. He talks about here:

As for the whole idea behind the art work, the idea came from me thinking about a time before the internet and cell phones. Basically, the late 80′s/early 90′s. The album is a homage to that era in my life. While, this by no means , is saying it sounds like the music made back then, it’s more trying to touch on the feelings of that era (if that’s even possible).

Initially , the album was gonna be called “The robin Byrd Era” but that got nixed due to legal issues with using the name of a person in the title. For those who don’t know, Robin Byrd was/is a staple of NYC public/leased access. She’s an old porn star who’s show (that still airs in re-runs to this day on channel 35 in manhattan) has her introducing strippers, applying lip balm and emanating all sorts of peaceful vibes via nudity. Basically, the album was an ode to the years I spent growing up. The formative years, if you will. Those years were spent watching inappropriate television like Robin Byrd , running around the city with my friends and just enjoying being young without any real responsibilities. Back when you could get drunk drinking a 40 oz. on a stoop as a 15 year old or hang out in a pool hall until 2 am as a 13 year old if your parents were away. All set the back drop of a new york city that was pre-9/11, pre guiliani, pre-technological explosion and pre-complete disney overhaul.

Anyway, because I couldn’t use the Robin Byrd title, I was wracking my brain for another old public access show title I could play with…that’s when Omega came up with it. He mentioned a show called “Interludes after midnight” and , right away I knew he was on to something.

“Interludes after midnight” was a show that aired on the same channel as Robin Byrd (Channel J or channel 23 depending how old you are). It was basically a show where this gross old dude interviewed strippers in the nude. If i recall, his name was ugly george and he was a hairy little man with absolutely not problem being naked. The interviews were so casual it might as well have been taking place in your swinger parents living room.

Anyway, the title worked for me cause it functions on two levels. On one hand, it’s an instrumental hip hop album of somewhat melancholic vibes that would work quite well as something to play in the later hours of the night. So, on a literal level, it works. The songs are “interludes” and if you play it after midnight…viola! But I more see it as my initial idea. An ode to the days of cassettes, VHS tapes, Old cable boxes, four tracks and wonderment.

So, that’s about that. I hope that makes a little sense…but regardless, peep the album when it drops. Please? Okay…thanks.

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