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Hot off the heels of releasing R.A.P. Music with Killer Mike, and his own Cancer 4 Cure today, El spoke on his next project with Rolling Stone – a full-length project with Unicorns and Islands frontman, Nick Diamonds:

Do you see yourself doing more full album collaborations in the future?

Yeah, absolutely. Certainly with Mike, no question about it. And I’m doing a record with Nick [Diamonds]. We’re doing a project together, a full project. When it works, it’s one of the enjoyable kinds of records that you can make. Producing a song here and there for people is good, but I think the real art and the thing that I’m really into and the thing that I really am drawn to is the art of the album, the long form.

Is the Nick Diamonds record going to be hip-hop?

No, he’s gonna sing and I’m going to produce and we’re going to produce together. There’s not going to be any rapping on it. I’ve never done an album with a singer, and Nick is a great friend of mine. We’ve already gotten some songs done and I really like the way they’re coming out. So yeah, that’s something that we’re pretty serious about.

Do you have any idea when that will surface?

Well, I haven’t gotten the chance to work on it beyond about two or three songs yet, so probably next year.

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