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12 September, 2012@6:05 pm

While some would argue that Public Enemy’s greatest years are behind them, the U.K. defeats that theory, as the band has scored the biggest single of their career in the region, which has landed at the #4 single in the nation at last count.

Originally released on 2007′s How To Sell Soul To A Souless People That Sold Their Soul LP, the song has picked up new life as a part of Channel Four “Meet the Superhumans” ad campaign for the 2012 Paralympics, which started in July.

Chuck D spoke with Rolling Stone about the success of the single. “The music supervisor thought it would be a perfect fit,” he said. “In the midst of releasing a new album, a lot of people also thought it was a brand new cut, because we had one of our songs exposed – which really makes you look at, like, if these exposure areas would expose more artists and better songs, then these reactions would be natural, instead of a company that just hogs up the air, forcing a lot of meaningless songs down people’s ears.

“If they played ‘Harder Than You Think’ on urban radio two times a day, three times a day, it would probably do the same thing here,” he added. “And the thing about the U.K., they blasted it through television. So that shows the power of being able to have opportunity on major media – even more so than the strength of the song.

“The song was basically saying we’re the Rolling Stones of the rap game. We’re ‘rolling stones’ – we go around the world, over and over again. It’s really a point back to the Muddy Waters song ["Rollin' Stone"], as opposed to just the group . . . although I don’t know if I’m Keith or Mick or Flavor [Flav] is Keith or Mick. We probably switch and flip them.

“But 25 years’ longevity for a rap group is uncanny, unprecedented, and you can make the statement that Rolling Stone and all these magazines don’t speak enough about the longevity of black groups – especially a black rap group like Public Enemy, who has 84 tours in 83 countries under its belt. The song speaks to that. The song was basically celebrating the 20 years of Public Enemy in 2007, and now it just seems to be a better fit – 25 years, our silver anniversary.”

Public Enemy’s 12th studio album, The Evil Empire of Everything, hits October 1st on iTunes in the U.S. The Dehasse remix of “Harder Than You Think” is available on Itunes now.

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