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A piece of street art in London’s Tower Hamlets has provoked concern among the UK Jewish community by appearing to depict Jewish and Anglo-Saxon bankers exploiting black victims. The crude depiction of “hook-nosed Jewish bankers” – which many have likened to the antisemitic cartoons of the Nazi era – is seen as particularly shocking as it has appeared in a region of London once famed for its Jewish community. Local authorities have responded to the controversy by ordering the mural’s removal. Meanwhile, the American graffiti artist behind the mural, Mear One, has defended his work, claiming that it is a protest against class exploitation and not a statement against Jews and white people in general. Since the filming of this report the mural in question has been whitewashed.

Mear One has responded via his Facebook page with the following statement, “Not one person has said exactly what is offensive about this mural in London. Better they have avoided the truth of the subject matter. White washed by pre-programed social norms and sheeple responses. Opening eyes that have been shut for years doesn’t come with out with out some pain. The truth hurts dont it.

The mural depicts exactly what and who you will find running global finances. Down with the New World Order!!! this is not anti semitic, it is just to dam real for the ignorant.. Grow up and get with the times, A people can be lead to become exactly what they dislike if they follow with no objection, don’t become the oppressor just because of history, be here now and join the rest of humanity.”

What do you think?

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