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After more than three years of brainstorming, experimenting and collaborating, DJ Nu-Mark’s debut solo album Broken Sunlight is finally available. Featuring guests including Bumpy Knuckles, Large Professor, J-Live, Aloe Blacc, Charles Bradley, Quantic, A-Skillz and more, Broken Sunlight showcases DJ Nu-Mark’s love of hip-hop, funk and cumbia.

Included with the release is “Nu-Conduit” a 50-minute behind-the-scenes look of Nu-Mark’s life on the road and in the studio, including the making of Broken Sunlight, performances across the globe and his critically acclaimed “Toy Set” live performance.

“A lot of things in my life were broken. My group broke up, my long term relationship broke up, the music industry and economy seemed to be broken. So it was time for me to take a break,” Nu-Mark explains. “And that’s where the title of the record stems from. It’s not so much I’m broken. I’m moving towards the sunlight these days. It’s more like a tale of perseverance and forging ahead through difficult times.”

- The excellent new solo album by LA’s DJ Nu-Mark: Broken Sunlight (Hot Plate Records), with tracks previously presented as a six-part vinyl 10” series. Broken Sunlight features Bumpy Knuckles, Large Professor, Aloe Blacc, Charles Bradley, Quantic and many other guests.

- Broken Sunlight is presented in a unique and limited USB package, shaped like a turntable needle (see pix below). The USB contains thirteen tracks from the “Broken Sunlight” vinyl-only series plus clean versions, instrumentals, a capellas, bonus beats AND exclusive tour photos, alongside album artwork.

- Finally, a purchase of the Broken Sunlight Turntable Needle USB includes a free download of the “Nu-Conduit” video documentary, a compelling 50-minute tour and in-the-studio visual journey.

- This unique 1 GB USB package for Broken Sunlight is available at Get on Down’s online store for $24.98. (Ships first week in December):

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